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  • Antonopoulos warns of fraudulent projects in the Blockchain environment

    In a talk given at the Africa Blockchain Conference on March 2 called "Blockchain Vs. Bullshit: Ideas about the future of money, "Andreas Anonymous brought clarity to some new" blockchains "projects that are emerging that can potentially be frauds. The purpose of this talk is to give a view on what constitutes true value and also to clarify the motives of the fraudsters.

    Andreas Antonopoulos

    He said, "How can you know ... blockchain or bullshit? Both start with "B," what's the difference? If you can replace the word blockchain with databases in the pamphlet and read the same, then nothing has changed. It is not decentralized. It is not without borders, neutral, resistant to censorship, open. This puts confidence in the middlemen again. This is just a database, which is not disruptive at all. "
    Frauds will be naked on the beach
    In his typical eloquent role, Anonymous said that when the tide went down, the charlatans and fraudsters would remain naked on the beach. They will have left their bathing suits at home along with their dignity and integrity. They will be exposed to everyone's sight. Of course, this is what happens when the stupid things we put in a gift box and sell it as blockchain technology.

    The clarifico, "" There are many idiocy being fed to the VCs and investors, from initial offers of currency, offering buyers, educating investors. There are a lot of Ponzi schemes, there are also many pyramid schemes, and many empty promises. There is also a lot of flat and unchanged business, disguised as a great disruptive innovation. "

    Antonopoulos told bankers, central planners, and other parties with specific attempts to defraud people and say that their pseudo-innovation are incredible revelations of the blockchain.

    In other words, these are scavengers, who want people to trust in them instead of relying on decentralization, in a network of peers with no need for trust. In a very emotional statement, Anonymous simulated these charlatans:
    "Trust us? These banks. Where were you in 2008. Where were you when the Libor was frozen. Where were you when the gold market was fixed? Where were you when the high-frequency buying and selling was creating these monsters of skewed capitalism? Trust you? Never ever. Removing the compensation chamber and replacing it with ... what is the word? It's not a consortium, it's ... CARTEL, that's the word. With a poster of the same market makers who have manipulated and compromised all markets in history. And doing that in ways that close them from transparency. That is not a recipe to make the market more efficient and transparent. That's not blockchain, that's crap.
    Lessons of the Day

    What Antonopoulos says, is to be concerned about these * currently * promises of things impossible with Blockchain technology, such as mass sales, and other forms of fully functional markets or banks in the blockchain.

    He did not identify any of the frauds, or made any specific allegations about potential culprits. His point was not the level of the attack against someone in specific. It was simply that the forces of evil are everywhere, and that they will do nothing to promote decentralization and ultimately, the blockchain.

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