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  • Best Ethereum Wallets 2017

    The growing popularity of Ethereum is indisputable, and its rise, meteoric, ether today is the number 2 cryptonnet by market capitalization, interest and in development. The platform created by Vitalik Buterin and his team has a combined daily volume of more than 24 million dollars.

    Best Ethereum Wallets

    It is natural that many enthusiasts of Bitcoin or new users have seen in Ether a great investment opportunity, however, it is not always easy to undertake in the world of cryptomonedas, the technological barrier can be very great. In this article we will review the best wallets or purses of Ethereum, so you can keep your funds safe and available at any time.

    Undoubtedly, when looking for a purse we should always take a look at the integrated solution by default, in this case, Ethereum comes standard with several alternatives, on the one hand we have Mist, the purse with graphical interface that, soon (Serenity ), Will be the browser to use to interact with the Dapps (decentralized applications).



    Mist is not only the reference wallet, it also serves to create and observe smart contracts, tokens (personalized), and is integrated with ShapeShift to be able to quickly exchange different criptomonedas by ethers. Undoubtedly, a complete option, the main drawbacks of Mist are because it is a complete implementation, which means that when you download, you must synchronize the chain of blocks of Ethereum, this is about 4 GB of additional data, this can be More or less fast depending on your internet connection.

    To make a backup, simply save the files that are in the folder C: \ Users \ TuDriver \ AppData \ Roaming \ Ethereum \ keystore 
    Each .JSON file is an encrypted wallet, do not forget to write down the password you used to The time to create the purse or your ethers will be lost forever. Mist is available on Windows, MacOSX and Linux.

    Jaxx : Ethereum Wallet

    Now you ask yourself: Is there any Ethereum wallet that is light and portable (Android, iOS)? The answer is YES, there is Jaxx the first cross-platform Ethereum wallet, this lightweight wallet works on Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Chrome, Firefox, Android, and iOS. Jaxx combines in a single software a portfolio of Ethereum, Bitcoin and recently, DAO tokens.

    Jaxx is developed by the Canadian company Decentral , which is creating a complete ecosystem of tools for ethereum network, including Jaxx, RocketDAO (a platform to create and vote on proposals in the DAO), tools and APIs for ethereum, support for other tokens Of the network (Digix, MakerDAO, etc.) and finally, the first physical wallet of Ether (Hardware wallet).

    Jaxx has a very simple interface, and it is managed with a 12-word security code or seed which must be kept well protected, with it you can access your funds in any platform, being able to restore your wallet if you lose it, you will Create a 4-digit PIN to authorize transactions and protect the seed. You can also synchronize your desktop wallet with your smartphone in a very simple way, to give you great mobility.

    Best Ethereum Wallets 2017



    Finally we have MyEtherWallet , a service that allows you to create Ethereum wallets safely using your browser, the website does not transmit your information to the servers, so you can load the website and disconnect from the internet to create your purses, you can also Use the service to sign and send transactions, and manage your Digix and MakerDAO tokens.

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