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  • BITCOIN crossed 1900$ : Bitcoin Charts

    The price of Bitcoin remained stable during Thursday's session after a slight setback in the morning hours, and officially exceeded the barrier of 1900 dollars per unit.

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    In spite of the inconveniences registered in terms of speed of operations and delays in confirming the registration of the same, the largest virtual currency in the market maintained its unstoppable rise, which in a few weeks has allowed it to climb until approaching more and more to the barrier Psychological impact of the 2000 dollars, while retaking its dominion with a percentage of 48.9%.
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    In this course, the bitcoin was briefly crossed with the gold price level, which is currently quoted at $ 1,250 an ounce and is considered a value haven. However, the increase in the price of bitcoin is more related to the growing adoption of blockchain technology , the development of applications based on distributed accounting solutions and the growing acceptance of cryptoneses as a means of payment, especially in the Asian market .

    At the time of writing, BTC  remains in the range of $ 1,890 per unit , with an estimated market capitalization of $ 30.73 billion (just under half of the total value of the virtual asset market, which is Over $ 63 billion).

    The electronic currency also shows a turnover of more than 887 million dollars during the last 24 hours, registered mainly through the Poloniex Mercantile Exchange, followed by markets such as Kraken and Bitstamp.


    The evolution of the price and fluctuations in volume of capitalization of Bitcoin in the last month
    Meanwhile, doubts persist whether a solution such as Segwit's application-a segregated test-a technology to drive scalability that is taking its first steps with values ​​like Litecoin , can be used to solve network congestion in operations with Bitcoin .

    There is also speculation about the effect that delays may have on the eventual preference of users to use other cryptones as a means of payment to avoid the problem. In recent days, for example, Ripple has accelerated its capitalization estimate to over $ 14 billion, nearly half of Bitcoin's value and leaving behind Ethereum, which holds the second place in this area.

    The assets that have shown a more robust growth in market adoption and valuation are those that are in some way related to possible financial solutions precisely designed to facilitate and accelerate the easy, quick and transparent realization of international transactions, In a changing environment.

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