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  • Bitcoin price: unstoppable towards the moon

    Bitcoin remains unstoppable in the markets and has marked new highs yesterday in several specialized markets of criptomonedas. With respect to the dollar, it has managed to surpass the barrier of $ 1500, a movement that also has been copied in other currencies.

    The upward trend that has been established since the end of 2015 has remained strong despite important momentary declines, such as those suffered after the hacking of Bitfinex and those generated by the recent movements of the People's Bank of China. However, the bullish nature of the price has been very strong and so far has not been broken.
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    In yesterday, a new historical record was obtained in the traditional house of exchange Bitstamp, getting to trade a bitcoin in the amount of $ 1425. Meanwhile, the American Coinbase recorded a peak of $ 1448 and in the Hong Kong-based exchange , Bitfinex, the behavior has been more bullish yet and the maximum value recorded yesterday was nothing more and nothing less than $ 1561.
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    Meanwhile, with respect to the euro the exchange house Kraken also reached historic highs yesterday when trading 1290 Euros per each bitcoin. The traditional Russian exchange house BTC-E followed this trend and marked the figure of 1265 Euros at the highest historical value in its records.
    In China, however, it has not been possible to establish new historical highs that surpass those reached in January 2017. Despite this, the bullish movements have also been reflected and, if maintained, new highs could be achieved in the coming days.

    Japan, the new force behind the bitcoins market

    Since the present year, the Asian country has been implementing various state policies to encourage the development of an economy where Bitcoin, criptomonedas and blockchain technology have a greater role. So in the commercial, fiscal and legislative areas, we have already seen how both the state and private companies have managed to create new business models in which the cryptomonedas take an important - and even the main - role.
    The importance of Japanese exchange houses has been such that they have overcome the role played by their Chinese counterparts, after the arrival of new policies imposed by the People's Bank of China. Recently, up to 10 Japanese companies announced that they would launch cryptomoneda exchange cases in that country; This to accompany the recent news of several commercial chains that already accept bitcoin as payment currency in thousands of its branches.
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    The large size of the population in Japan, the familiarization of the Japanese with state-of-the-art technologies and these policies driven by the Japanese state; Today undoubtedly combine to make the land of the rising sun the one who is attracting more new users to the bitcoin market. The Japanese are serious and we will soon see similar state efforts in other nations for the use of Bitcoin and the criptomonedas.

    Bitcoin rises amid uncertainty

    The most remarkable thing without doubt of this news, is that the markets do not seem to care about the current context where it is discussed what would be the best proposal to guarantee Bitcoin's scalability This is a very positive reflection of the confidence that the user community has over the value and usefulness of this technology and its cryptonnet.
    While various events such as the Antbleed come to light, in addition to the external pressure by the activation of SegWit in Litecoin and certain restrictions of banks to some exchange houses , the price of bitcoin continues in steady rise and the size of the market continues to expand and Is approaching 25 billion dollars.
    Another detail to take into account is that despite the importance that is slowly gaining the altcoins market , bitcoin as the predominant cryptodonon maintains its bullish trend and continues to attract new investors.
    Despite these and other events that today create a breeding ground full of uncertainty in the bitcoin ecosystem, surely many could expect a possible fall in price in the coming days. However, only a truly catastrophic event could cause this upward trend to actually break with clarity.

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