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  • Blockchain Virtual Reality VR Simulator Now Available on Steam

    'Bitcoin VR', a new and attractive look at Blockchain, has debuted on the content management and digital services platform created by Valve. This is an interesting and fun simulation of operations with Bitcoin in real time, set in a night scene called "Satoshi Forest".

    Developed by the programmers of Indiesquare, a company known for its participation in games that encourage users to enter the world of cryptomonedas, such as 'Spells of Genesis', 'Takara' and 'Sarutobi', 'Bitcoin VR' is a product That goes beyond the conventional standards in this type of applications, since it bets by the virtual reality to catch the attention of the players. The idea is that people can walk around the Bitcoin network, through vector graphics where they can visualize transactions that are running in real time; The use of an arch and their respective arrows to go "pruning" the net is a detail that undoubtedly offers a truly great level of immersion.
    Thus, as players enter the dark "Forest of Satoshi", the environment reveals details such as the current price of Bitcoin and the height of the corresponding block. To represent the transactions, gems of different sizes were used, and those associated with significant movements generate larger gems. Note that you need a virtual reality glasses to play, and the developers of Indiesquare recommend the HTC Vive, which is quite similar to Oculus Rift and also has a security system that no other immersive reality equipment offers; That yes, the negative part lies in the price, since currently it is available for 799.99 dollars in the United States and 899.00 euros in Spain.
    Right now, the official description of the simulator on Steam is as follows: "Have you ever wanted to see Bitcoin's transactions in real time, especially if it's a virtual reality environment? Have you ever wanted to prune the block with a bow and arrow? Then you must live the experience offered by the 'Satoshi Forest'. 'Bitcoin VR' allows you to see how Bitcoin transactions in real time fall from the sky in the form of coins, which you can take to observe the details of the operation or simply destroy with your bow and quiver of arrows. A very geek approach to selling a product that, while it may not come to sympathize with everyone, is a very important step for a company whose games dedicated to the area have enjoyed a great reception.
    The first Blockchain-based virtual reality experience
    It is important to emphasize that, in full tours of the "Satoshi Forest", players can also witness transactions of counterpart chips, which includes digital cards such as Pepe Cash by Pepe Blockchain, a popular game that was released a few Months.
    In order to fully enjoy Bitcoin VR, installation in the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is mandatory, and around 8GB of RAM is recommended to ensure optimum fluidity. The game has been available since last Friday March 31 and major developers in the area have already recognized it as the first browser on Blockchain based on virtual reality.

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