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  • CHANGELLY , Exchange Altcoins for free

    The platform allows the exchange between more than 50 crypto currency quickly and easily guaranteeing the anonymity of the operations performed through the service.
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    For several weeks we have published a series of articles on various platforms and services of exchange, in which users can use their balances in crypto currency to obtain other digital crypto currencies that, although today are becoming more and more Known, at the moment do not have as much openness so that those interested in acquiring them make the investment with money of legal course as in the case of others with more trajectory.
    In this opportunity we present to Changelly , a service that operates in a very similar way to other platforms like Changer and Shapeshift , which has a great variety of crypto currency with whom to do exchange operations, even admitting the possibility of buying using cards Visa and Mastercard credit .
    General data
    Changelly is an internet service for digital currency exchange that operates openly for the general public. The company is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, and the platform dates back to 2013 when the first trial version was released.
    In 2014 Changelly was officially launched as an independent exchange service, which offered the possibility of purchase for certain crypto coins in exchange for legal tender money through the use of Visa and Mastercard credit cards . At that time the variety of crypto currency with which commercial operations could be done was very small but it was one of the methods by which the interested ones could acquire Bitcoin balances .
    However, it is during the year 2015 when the service incorporates a greater amount of technological improvements, seeing a much more complete re-launch of its operations during the month of April, which expands exponentially its range of operations.
    The responsible company argues that the main goal of this service is to leave aside the technical and bureaucratic barriers existing between customers and the ecosystem of digital crypto currencies, giving the possibility to the interested parties to acquire them using as currency of exchange other criptomonedas through The payment of a small fee for the services rendered.
    At present, Changelly makes available its web page so that the interested ones carry out the exchange between crypto currencies. In turn it has "Widgets" (programs that give easy access to the services offered by the company) so that those interested can incorporate the platform to their respective web portals. And finally, it makes other products and services available, such as purses for cryptocurrency altcoins and payment processing, so that companies can accept balances in any type of digital currency.

     How does Changelly work ?

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    To make use of the exchange platform we must first go to the company website. As an important aspect it is worth noting that the language in which the service is managed is in English and can not be modified as in other pages.
    On entering we can see that the input elements are ready to perform the process to be quite intuitive, so in the box on the left we must indicate the cryptonnet and the quantity that we want to exchange, while in the right the service Will show us the equivalent balance in the digital currency that we wish to obtain. It is important to consider that in addition to the possibility of using legal tender money as a method of payment, the platform offers the possibility of trading with a total of 52 digital altcoins, among which are the best reputed ones such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash , Monero , Litecoin, Dogecoin , among many others.
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    Once this is done, click on the button marked "Exchange!".
    Then the platform will ask us to open an account for free on their servers, which we can do by linking the same to Google + , Facebook, Twitter or by entering a valid email address. The interesting thing is that, if we opt for the last alternative, Changelly will allow us to continue our exchange process without requesting any additional data.
    However, even if you do not notify us, the platform will send us an email welcoming us and assigning us a password to enter it in future opportunities. This key can later be modified in the section of profile options below, as well as a two-step verification factor can be enabled by entering a code that would be sent by mobile telephony each time you want to enter the account.
    Continuing with the process, the platform shows us the details of our operation allowing to verify again the amounts to deposit and receive related to the operation that we wish to carry out. As can be seen, the box on the right shows the technical details associated with the exchange, such as the rate managed between the currencies, the time of completion of the transaction and the corresponding commission for the completion of the transaction, which will be Discounted from the total balance to be received in the digital currency of interest (this condition remains the same for all possible combinations).
    To continue with the process, click on the "Next" button.
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    To continue with the process it is advisable to previously have a wallet enabled to store assets in the corresponding Altcoin, since in the next step the platform will ask us the address to send the balances we want to receive, so we must paste the same In the bar arranged for said code.
    Once this is done, click on the "Next" button.
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    The platform will show us for the last time all the data associated with our transaction, incorporating now the address previously supplied to which will send the altcoins.
    As an important detail we have the incorporation of a second commission already associated with the payment to be made to the network to guarantee the sending of the altcoins within the period of time contemplated by the page.
    If everything is in order according to the criteria of the user, just click on the button identified with the words "Confirm & Make Payment" .
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    Changelly then offers us the information related to the account to which we must send the altcoins, for which the page will have an electronic address and an associated QR code.
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    Once this is done, the page will show us a view with a message, informing that the screen will change automatically when the transfer is completed and the respective funds will be recorded in our accounts.
    At the end of this period, Changelly will show us a kind of receipt in which the operation is recorded, indicating that it has been satisfactorily completed.
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    As you can see this service works very simply and intuitively allowing to complete the whole process in less than two minutes. The platform guides the user in each step making sure to offer accurate and clear information without overloading with cumbersome processes. Despite requesting the users to open accounts, the service does not request data beyond an email, as Changelly ensures that operations with altcoins are completely anonymous and the measures taken have been implemented for the protection of users, Without this involving conflicts with national and international legal frameworks with the laws that regulate the use and trade with digital assets.
    For more information we recommend you visit the exchange service website, which you can access by clicking here .
    (The images used in the article were extracted directly from the service website) .

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