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  • DECRED: The currency that finds solution to the Governability.

    Bitcoin continues to make its own in the middle of a community perplexed by the inability of large Pool to reach some consensus to improve scalability. Every time the FEESsuben their cost, the States begin to control the world of the criptomonedas, is normal, if the community does not take control ... another will do it.


    This week I have immersed myself in DECRED , a decentralized and hybrid currency between PoW and PoS. With a finite number of coins (20,999,999.99800912) DECRED is founded from Zero since they saw in the development of the Bitcoin problems in the Governability.
    When entering the page of DECRED we can see the statistics and also its Principles reflected in a Constitution where it clearly marks that the governability of the currency is in the users. Then in the Forum we can observe communities in all languages.
    So I sent a Twit to @decredproject asking if I could talk to someone.
    So suddenly I see myself chatting with Dave Collins , Decred's lead developer. Another point in favor, because the fact that a developer of the face and is willing to submit to the interrogation of an inexperienced, denotes transparency. And so begins an interview between Spanish and English where Dave smiled at my continuing complaints of lack of developers Hispano Speakers.
    Why Hybrid and not directly POS or PoW?
    Each of the ways in which transactions are secured has strengths and limitations. Decred takes the best of two ways to secure transactions on your network to avoid numerous limitations. As a sample, a large problem that has proof of participation (PoS) is that there is nothing at stake, that is, it has no real cost so it does not encourage consensus. Another would be that there is no equitable way of distributing the starting currencies. On the other hand, a problem with proof of work (PoW) is that the miners, the people who have the most powerful hardware have almost all rights as to the direction of the cryptonnet, while those who own the cryptonnet have no Voice on it.
    How did the Drecred idea start?
    The idea of ​​Decred started about three years ago while we were working on an alternative Bitcoin client called Btcsuite. We realized that Bitcoin was going to have problems on a large scale due to its lack of decentralized governance and lack of a source of renewable funds and without conditions for the development of criptomoneda infrastructure. The idea is based on the concept of proof of activity (PoA) of an academic article along with more innovations developed by Company 0.
    Short question. The Blockchain is Bitcoin Core? I read that the new version of Wallet may be governed by a faster payment system that as far as I know, is designed for Bitcoin Core.
    No Decred has its own Blockchain, but since it's a hybrid system, it's very similar to Bitcoin's. That's why you can adopt technologies that are designed for Bitcoin with a little work.
    One of the two votes that will include this update will allow stakeholders to indicate their support for the development of Red Lightning . I think that's what you mean.
    Yes, that's what I mean, but how does voting work?
    Each block includes 5 random votes that serve as a two-factor authentication. 3 of the 5 chosen votes have to indicate that the last block is acceptable. In addition, voting provides the ability to signal a preference for an active agenda. In this way, the participants control the direction of the cryptonnet.
    And how does this process influence the speed of the blockchain?
    Participants freeze a number of coins in exchange for voting rights and a reward. There is a new block every 5 minutes on average .
    All pockets and pools of pools have the same algorithm to choose the winners (randomly chosen polls) and thus transmit votes as soon as a block arrives. The miners receive these votes and begin to build and solve the next block with them.
    If we think it in a simple way from the point of view of the participants, they only freeze a number of coins for a while in exchange for a ticket that provides voting rights and a reward, and then choose their preferences for active agendas .
    Is the blockchain public? Where can it be seen?

    Technically how does PoW and PoS coexist?
    In part, this is what I explained before about voting that serves as an authentication of two factors and the reward that participants receive in exchange for their votes.
    Each block divides the reward into three parts: 60% to the PoW miner, 30% to the votes (there are five, that is why each receives 30/5 = 6%) and 10% to the development funds.
    PoW miners find solutions to a cryptographic hash enigma, just as in Bitcoin. PoS miners freeze a number of coins for a while in exchange for a ticket that provides voting rights and a reward when picked at random and included in a block.
    And so I continue my journey to meet other Cryptomoneda. Not without ceasing to rejoice in the solutions they encounter to the everyday problems of a currency of free choice ... and to hope that the mother of the Crypto, the Bitcoin, finds its way back to the users.

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