how to buy sell bitcoins

At present there are four very well defined and established ways to buy and sell bitcoins and cryptones , which will surely increase in the near future as the adoption of bitcoin becomes even more popular, both by the incorporation of new users and merchants That accept it, as for the development of new applications based on this technology. 

The current means to buy and sell bitcoin are: 
1.) Exchange houses, 
2.) Between people 
3.) ATMs and 
4.) physical stores or kiosks


how to buy sell bitcoins

The way to buy and sell bitcoins most used at the moment is through exchange houses, online companies specialized in the sale of criptomonedas . In these can be acquired several of the most important Cryptostones (BTC, ETH, LTC, among others) at the exchange rates set by the market . Buying bitcoin in these can be done with or by other criptomonedas or fiduciary money (USD, EUR, JPY, among others), according to the customer.
To buy and sell bitcoins through exchange houses, the user must register on the website of the house of his choice and enter the data that the platform requires to start operating. These data can range from full name, email and residence address, to phone number, passport and bank statements.
Exchange houses charge a commission for a purchase or sale transaction and another for transfer of funds to the client's bank account, in case of sale of bitcoin for fiduciary money. As commissions vary between exchange offices, the user must carry out his study to minimize these costs, for the same level of security of the exchange house.


This second form of sale is possible thanks to the decentralization provided by the network , which allows the interested party to buy and sell bitcoins directly to people close to, or simply known on the internet with whom he has decided to enter into a monetary exchange agreement. For the sale of bitcoins directly between persons, whether known or not, interested parties should only have their respective bitcoin purses and bank accounts, in case of exchange for fiduciary money.
The delay of the bank transfer for the availability of the fiduciary money, which may be of days, and the need for several confirmations of the transaction in the network , to ensure the availability of the cryptoneon in the Bitcoin purse, which takes several minutes, originate The risk of fraud . Fraud occurs because one of the parties fails to fulfill its commitment, either because it does not send the bank transfer or cancel it after notifying it to its counterpart, or because it incurs a double cost of the cryptomoneda object of the exchange.
The most appropriate way to reduce this risk is for the purchase and sale transaction to be carried out by the parties as much as possible and the transfer of funds between accounts of the same bank to reduce the availability of funds to minutes or less. Hence, in this type of exchange, trust plays a fundamental role . Therefore, you should be very careful when buying or selling bitcoins between people directly.
Some ways to mitigate this risk are:
  • To arrange a meeting in person, if possible.
  • Use an intermediary, either a person of trust between both parties or a service of guarantees , commonly known as " escrow ". Intermediaries can charge a commission for arbitration in the exchange of money.


how to buy sell bitcoins

Several companies in several countries have installed ATMs or ATMs for the purchase and sale of bitcoins . Depending on the capabilities of the cashier, you can buy cryptones for cash (most common) or sell bitcoins for cash.
In order to use a bitcoins cashier, the user must have a portfolio of criptomonedas in any device of easy mobility. If the operation is a purchase of bitcoins , the user must select the transaction in the ATM, present the QR code of his portfolio to the reader of the cashier, introduce the money he wants to use in the purchase, verify the quantity of bitcoins he will receive in return And accept the purchase.
If you want to sell bitcoins , you must select this transaction in the ATM, enter the amount in fiduciary currency that you want to obtain and accept the sale. This operation will generate a paper wallet with a QR code to which the user will have to send the cryptones (within the time established to maintain the same rate of change). Once two or more confirmations have been given in the network, the user must select the "redeem" option at the cashier, present the QR code of the paper wallet to the cashier reader or enter any code that appears on the paper Willing to withdraw money (as the case may be), confirm the withdrawal and take your cash.
Some cryptomoneda cashiers ask for identification documents to conduct transactions. Meanwhile, operators of bitcoins ATMs charge a fixed percentage on the amount of the transaction (commonly between 0% and 7.5%).


There are thousands of physical stores or kiosks around the world that allow you to buy bitcoins with cash or debit cards . These kiosks often require the user to fill out a form with personal and purchase information, before sending the user the bitcoins or deliver a portfolio of paper, voucher or redeemable gift card.
Like ATM operators, kiosks charge a fixed percentage on the amount of the transaction (usually between 5% and 16%).