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  • How to mine Zcash from Windows

    If you are a passionate about the crypto currencyor are just beginning in these concepts, I invite you to start with Zcash as an excellent investment option in the medium and long term.

    Here you can find the reason why I recommend you mine or buy this digital currency.

    On the other hand to start with the title of the article and start mining Zcash on your computer with the Windows system, you need to know two key aspects before you start.

    First, this program is compatible with windows 64bit and Zcash mining requires a high level of cryptographic processing by our computer system, it is recommended to use a graphics card compatible with your operating system, this way Have faster results and therefore a good profitability with the digital currency .

    Secondly, if you do not have one or several graphics cards to improve the efficiency of your computer, you should know that it is also possible to do it only with the characteristics of a common computer which are in the market, the only difference is the time It may take time to get a certain amount of the digital currency .

    Leaving these two clear points I leave here the two necessary links to start in the mining process of Zcash

    Download link of the mining program, because the file shown in the video presented inconveniences we recommend downloading the first file of this link, the process to do the mining does not change because they are the same steps, the mining pool Remains the same.


    Link for the opening of the account in the mining pool


    If you have a GPU or AMD graphics card in this link you will find some codes that will help you if you need them at some point, the steps are the same as shown in the video this link is only in case you have a problem With the graphics card.


    Do not forget to go through our channel on YouTube where you can find our video with instructions on how to mine in your CPU, Windows  ,   Ubuntu   and much more.

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