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    In this second part of the guide to achieve our objective, to win three bitcoins in a month without investing any money, we will see how, through the exchanges where the different altcoins are exchanged, we can convert the 0.10 bitcoins we get through Of faucets in two weeks in 1 bitcoin in a week. 

    Important Note: During the year 2014 many exchanges closed, some advising, others not. The dynamics were always similar, or had suffered a "robbery" or began with problems with withdrawals increasingly noticeable until finally closed or, Mintpal case, expected a wonderful update that never came. Currently there are several exchanges in a less suspicious situation, Bter does not accept withdrawals and Cryptsy gives problems with them. 

    It is very possible that this will end badly and the two end up closing. I recommend not to make any income in any of the two, to forget them as possible places to trade. 

    This will cause us to have to modify our strategy, especially with the arbitration and with some altcoins that only trade in those two exchanges. Each one owns his money and can do whatever he wants with him but I in this blog, given the circumstances, I only recommend Poloniex, Bittrex, BTC-e and C-cex (this one with many reservations) to trade with altcoins. 

    Especially with the arbitration and with some altcoins that only trade in those two exchanges. 

    Each one owns his money and can do whatever he wants with him but I in this blog, given the circumstances, I only recommend Poloniex, Bittrex, BTC-e and C-cex (this one with many reservations) to trade with altcoins. 


    The first thing we have to do is open an account in several exchanges . Not enough one or two as we will combine altcoins buying and selling strategies with arbitrage (buying an altcoin in one exchange to sell it in another taking advantage of a difference of quotation between them to get a profit).


    bitcoin exchange

    These are the five exchanges we are going to use. All are different in their interface and in the particularities of operation but they all have something in common, that in them they can buy and sell a lot of altcoins. The registry is usually similar in all of them. Open account, confirm with email and ready to operate. 

    Two things that in my view are essential whenever possible (and in all these cases it is), enable double authentication with authenticator as I  indicated in the  tutorial on OKCoin  and familiarize with the particular interface of each of them to avoid Errors when we operate (login, purchase orders, sales, deposits, withdrawals).

    Bter  Is the exchange that most volume currently moves. In addition, it trades with yen, bitcoins and dollars. --Read the previous note - For some time now it has added to its classic operation the exchange of Assets based on Nxt, currency with which it has maintained an "idyll" almost since its creation. Very important in the Asian market.

    Cryptsy It was the first and most important until Bter, Mintpal and Bittrex ate the land. - Read the above note - Successfulpolicy of currency adoption, dollar exchange, customer service and daily volume trading volume of coins like Doge or Litecoin keep you like a big one.

    Poloniex  It does not move much volume but maintains a prestige based on the seriousness of its policy of adoption and maintenance of new altcoins added to a carefully and periodically renewed interface and sensational graphics.

    Bittrex  The king of the second half of 2014 in terms of popularity and volume. His greatest success, adding unknown coins many of which were great successes ended up being his sword of damocles, since it became the preferred place of the programmed pumps and the great scams. It is still large but has lost a lot of volume.

    C-CEX  Exchange low volume that has the advantage of adopting many new and unknown coins and is not in the eye of the hurricane as Bittrex. Good opportunities arise but it is also dangerous and not very liquid.


    It's the first thing we're going to do. We will open the five exchanges without entering the 0.10 in any of them and we will dedicate to make an exhaustive follow up to the common currency markets between them in search of that one can be bought in an exchange at a price and at the same time in another one Can be sold more expensive.

    I certify that it works. I have done it several times and in a couple of them with spectacular results like doubling the capital in a few hours. On one occasion a bot (automated buy-sell programs)  at Poloniex  had to be poorly programmed and for an entire night was buying the C2 coin much more expensive than it was sold at Bter. 

    On another occasion someone left a large order of purchase of Stealthcoin in Poloniex of almost 5 bitcoins, during that night the price of the coin fell in Bittrex and could be bought cheaper and sold in Poloniex until the 5 bitcoins were exhausted.

    This is just two examples, I have done arbitration many times, with Boolberry, Doge, Bitcoindark, Whitecoin, Nxt, Blackcoin and many more and also does not need to occur any anomaly like those of the examples, simply between the different exchanges occur Often significant price differences that we can take advantage of.

    It is something that when I work with altcoins I have much in mind since the risk is minimal and the immediate benefit. Of course, we must watch not only the price difference between altcoins but how much there is to buy-sell with that difference, as well as the time it takes a deposit or a withdrawal in each exchange.


    Each exchange has its peculiarities , its virtues and its defects which are often related. For example, C-CEX adopts the currencies very soon and almost does not ask for requirements to house an IPO (sale over a period of time of a part of the currencies at a fixed price).

    That will allow us to take advantage of early rises like the one that Burst did a few months before being added to Bittrex,going from 50 to 750 in a few days , or Maryjane, sold in an IPO in C-CEX to 170 satoshis before being pumped to More than 7000 on Bittrex. 

    They are two successful examples but you also have to be very careful with the new currencies since there are scams, code failures or simply post-IPO dropouts of many currencies and we can find our capital decimated in a very simple way.

    The trick? There are several, such as not buying a currency just leave, when they are pumping a coin do not want to be the cheapest buy or sell more expensive, look at the volume (half bitcoin until I can pumpe a coin and get Double their price), be very careful with the IPO since many currencies are depreciated as soon as these are ended by the massive sale by the developers.

    Be aware of news that can revalue a currency , a new development? A new feature? What is said in the forums?When it was announced that Boolberry was being added to Supernet, the price faded because of the interest in the news.What XC and its anon function (only the announcement of development) took from 5000 to 450,000 in a few days. The same with Cloakcoin and Keycoin, among others.

    Obviously not easy , if you could foresee these price increases would be like knowing the results of the pool. There is the B face, which can lead you to invest in a pumped currency whose price sinks or directly into a scam, a scam. 

    The more capital you have, the harder it is to move it rightbecause you are more dependent on liquidity, you have fewer opportunities, the risk is greater and you have to diversify more, in addition to losing sight of the perspective, a bit like "easy" That flies us a ticket of 50 € but the controlled that we have those 5 € we have left.


    If someone expected to tell you - "to multiply x10 those 0.10 bitcoins buys" Estacoin "at such a price on Bittrex on the 12th and sell it to another on the 19th and get ready" - sorry to be disappointed but then I would be Teasing, and that's not the purpose of this article.

    What we want is to have the weapons and the strategy that allows us to achieve it . And that we do have.

    - We actively practice arbitrage between different exchanges .

    We do not "get married" with any currency or any exchange, any one serves us for our goal.

    -We buy coins when they are pumped and we sell at an intermediate point. We are not interested in the floor or ceiling of the price.

    We look at the news , the forums, anything that helps us decide if we buy a currency and when.

    - We will diversify as soon as possible , better invest 0.10 in two currencies than 0.20 in one.

    -We are daytraders, not investors, we buy and sell the same day whenever possible. If we stay inside overnight we put on timely stop-loss.

    We do not accept losses of more than 10% , if a currency undergoes that drop we sell immediately. If it goes up then, bad luck. Better to miss a climb than to eat a sinking.

    Following all these tips we will get from 0,10 bitcoins to 1 in a week of hard work, to find information, to be able and agile in our operations and to do things well. It is not easy but it can be achieved. I did. 

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