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    The title of this article is totally true. It is possible to go from zero to three bitcoins in a month without investing nor a euro , I did. I do not say without investing anything because time we also invest it and I do not say without investing money because if we consider both altcoins and bitcoin money, considering that under this system we are going to have to make both investments, it would not correspond to reality either . What we are not going to invest is fiat money and we will start from scratch without tricks.

    Okay, we want three bitcoins, we do not have money and we only have one pc, one internet connection and time, where do we start?
    In this first article we will start from scratch to get in two weeks 0.10 bitcoins only through the so-called faucets.


    These first two weeks are going to be the toughest but also the least dangerous. I explain, we start from scratch , that is that we have nothing to lose but then at this point I have to say that there are no miracles, we will have to chop a lot of stone, which translated means that we are going to have to move a lot, to be Pending the pc, open pages, watch videos, play games, open accounts, in short, invest what we do have, time. 

    There are many websites on the internet that give us satoshis (1 satoshi is 0.00000001 bitcoin) for doing different things, from simply being logged in on your page, to seeing ads or videos from time to time to play games or promote them. These are called faucets.

    Let's be honest, they are not the panacea, the prizes are ridiculous and putting together a single bitcoin would probably take us months, but the goal is only to get in these 2 weeks 0.1 bitcoin and that is not so difficult, although it is laborious. 
    Note: There may be those who do not want to meet the objective and only want to use the faucets to win satoshis students with whom to have fun in any game, betting or casino website with bitcoins. I have grouped five of the best in this post. 

    Fun guaranteed free on five sites of gambling bitcoin with faucet


    Returning to the central theme, as I said the possibilities are almost infinite or that here I will only talk about some of them, those that seem to me better, those that have worked for me , those that are secure in payments and have Better ratio time invested / benefit to my opinion. With them, in two weeks of enough effort and with some trick we will achieve our goal. In this article we  check whether or not the target is possible and if it is, in what terms and with how many hours dedicated, through an analysis of the performance of each faucet.



    The first, the best, the ones that do not have to do anything .Just register, log in and periodically claim your satoshis. Eye, because they have ceased activity removed from this list chronofaucet and quickbitcoin. In two recent articles I have added several more faucets. In the first they all have a period of 1 hour and you can find them  here . In the second they vary between 5 and 30 minutes, you will find them  here . 

    Moon Bitcoin This page is very good, we register with address bitcoin or with email and we are generating satoshis without doing anything, just to be logged in. It also offers the possibility, through a link of the page, to open an account in the Xapo wallet, sending the prizes directly there every time you claim them.

    Just to do it multiply your prizes by two, in addition to the same Xapo gives you 5000 satoshis for opening an account with them and works really well as a wallet, effective and secure. This faucet is fully recommended.

    The Manual Faucets

    Those who come next are good too but not so comfortable since they are not just counters but pages that give you prizes to see ads, videos or banners , which will already have to be doing actions with different periodicities to receive the Satoshis. Anyway they are safe and the prizes seem quite interesting. I said, to chop stone.

    BitsforClicks  A web where you register, give a bitcoin address and you get a list of pages with ads to see in which each ad has its reward. You go in, about 20 seconds each, and once you get the satoshis. The rewards of the announcements go from more to less, from 300 satoshis to 1 and once you finish until the next day you will not have to enter again, with the rewards doubled.Very serious and very reliable , maybe the most cumbersome thing is that you have to solve a captcha to see each of the ads.

    CoinAdder This has no mystery, you register and you get a list with about 100 ads daily you have to go see. All last for 30 seconds and everyone has the same reward, 50 satoshis. At the entrance you are given 500, from there you accumulate and when you want the raisins to your wallet. Reliable and trouble free.

    CoinHD In this website things change a little. They pay you to watch videos after solving a captcha but the duration of them, the theme and the rewards vary from one to another. You can also increase the rewards if you share (not the video but your page) or if you comment the video on youtube.

    I do not like much its operation because it is a little chaotic and the fact that a video lasts 1 minute and another 20 I get a bit off but they pay well and after all, you have it with the audio downloaded in another tab and you are doing . The withdrawals are from 6000 satoshis. At first it costs to arrive but it goes more slowly and the truth is that in the end it is of the most profitable.

    BitcoinZebra  Here you do not even have to register, just put your bitcoin address or your email (in this case doubles the prizes) and every hour you give a click, solve a captcha and gives you about 400 satoshis to the address you have put, Without any mystery. Well yes, although the prizes in principle do not dazzle you have an interesting dice game where you can multiply them by two.

    FreeBitcoin This website also gives you hourly prizes but works a bit different from the others. It requires registration with email and address bitcoin (I since I have Xapo use that whenever I can and thus I take control of what I am receiving) and the operation is based on a game in which you resolve a captcha and give a click, then Comes a random number and depends on which one gives you a prize or another, I have to say that closer to 1000 than to 10,000 satoshis.

    The grace of this website is that you have a fun game double or nothing where you can try to increase the prizes (others also have it but this is automatic and configurable), although I do not recommend abusing it since it is fairly easy to lose everything if you get hooked .

    BitVisitor  This is a simple page where you do not have to do anything special, just watch a 5 minute ad and you're done. By not having no registration, only your bitcoin address and when you have 60 bits (6000 satoshis) you send them directly to the wallet. At first it gives less and it takes a few days to charge the first but then it is encouraged and you can get 2 or even 3 payments in a day if you use it a lot.

    WeekendBitcoin In this web you first introduce your wallet, then you register and nothing else, every hour you get 1000 satoshis. The particularity is that the weekend multiply the prizes and give you up to 10,000 a certain number of times. It is quite good and serious but you have to be pending every hour.

    Bitcoinker  This page is very good, if you have xapo wallet you enter the email associated with it and you send the payments there. It is claimed every 15 minutes and the prizes are very juicy as you can choose between a fixed 1000 satoshis or play with luck to win a little more ... or a little less, but 1000 satoshis every hour is a really interesting prize. It is a web without complications and recommendable but it requires attention since to claim every 15 minutes can be tedious.

    LooTool  I add this new faucet since in this niche the renovation is constant and we must adapt. To start claiming your payments just enter a bitcoin address, you do not need a complete record. You have a counter that tells you every 5 minutes, then you just have to solve the mandatory captcha and start adding. Satoshigarden  This website is also extremely easy to use. No registration required, just enter your bitcoin address and every three minutes you solve a captcha and give you a variable number of satoshis. That easy. When you put together 10,000 you can withdraw it to your wallet. Without trap or cardboard.


    There are countless faucets, hundreds of them and of all kinds, periodicities, levels of prizes and reliability in the payments. It is not the purpose of this article to list them all but only some of the ones I have used to get in two weeks those 0.10 bitcoins I need to be able to use them in exchanges and turn them into three bitcoins in another two weeks. 

    With that objective is the choice of who wants to follow me in this adventure using only these, these and others, some that is better for availability or simply the one that you like more. Of course, these work, are proven, are good and well worked will leave us very close to the goal in two weeks.

    Since I see that this input receives many visits I will make a list with all the faucets of the two subsequent entries in case someone simply wants to use them without going through them. I recommend taking a look at the tickets as I make a description of each faucet.


    -  King Bitcoin  -  Bitcoinspace  -  Bubble Bitcoin  -  Btc60  -  Btc-faucet -  Hentenaar  -  CMMonitor  -  CoinBrawl  -  Aquabitcoin  -  Dicerix  - Getfree  -  IceBitcoin  -  Zoo Bitcoin  -  YourBitcoin  -  WeLoveBitcoin


    -  Alienfaucet  -  ChronoX  -  zzBitcoin  -  FastBTC  -  Jupiterfaucet  - LuckBit  -  Marsfaucet  -  Moonclaim  -  Neobitcoin  -  Satoshicity  - Satoshicountry  -  Satoshinsky  -  Saturnfaucet  -  Shotbit  -  Sunfaucet -  Venusfaucet

    Maybe later I'll do an article about more faucets, or about thoseroulette games, double or nothing or say games that we will win more or less but become terribly addictive. It is worth bearing in mind also.

    But we now have the weapons to, with much effort and a lot of patience, to multiply the satoshis until reaching the goal. I did it, so it is possible.

    My recommendation here is that the faucets are grouped by periodicity, those of each hour together, those of once a day, those that we have to click every half hour or every fifteen minutes. We need a lot of organization, time and the desire to work.

    But that's just what we have, right? 

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