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  • OneCoin : Scam Cryptocurrency ?


    We have received both queries and comments promoting this cryptocurrency.
    After several months receiving offers to point us to the Onecoin network and in view of the fact that they continue to deceive, we have decided to give our opinion not just answering comments.

    Onecoin is what is called in the world of the cryptocurrency a Scamcoin.

    We can classify Onecoin between multilevel, pyramidal systems or the most pure scam. Some people also call it a Ponzi Scam . They offer a "trading academy" and online courses to justify the "investment".

    They use Bitcoin as a reference and argument of what can be won with the cryptocurrency if they are invested at the right time. In Onecoin they speak of that the criptodivisas are the future of the financial system. This is probably the case, but you still have to overcome a lot of resistance and explain the concept clearly to the public. They thus use real arguments from the cryptocurrency ecosystem, combined with marketing strategies to sell their product.

    As early as May 2015 Cointelegraph a prestigious web on cryptocurrency called Onecoin as a global scam in a comprehensive and comprehensive work.

    In our opinion Onecoin will give bad image to Bitcoin when this scam jumps to the means that will tend to generalize and to consider the cryptocurrency like a fraud.

    As Cryptocurrency lacks several fundamental properties, it is a "currency" of a company that is centralized and controlled by a company. It is not open source. They demand a minimum "investment" of 100 € and is full of inaccuracies and false promises.

    Onecoin is a scam

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