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    ÆTERNITY achieves amazing results in the first phase of its ICO: more than 136 million AE's to be delivered at the end of the second phase of the campaign to taxpayers Æternity co-worker.

    Called by numerous personalities in the world of economics, such as the future of viable financing media, ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) have already become one of the most solid and attractive strategies used by digital asset platforms to That people can obtain the criptomonedas before the official deployment of the projects. We are talking about a phenomenon that continues to grow in leaps and bounds, to the point that from time to time new alternatives appear with greater exposure, ease and versatility for investors. This is one of the most important sub-markets in the world of cryptomonedas, and Æternity is a platform that promises to eliminate the drawbacks in previous block chains, guaranteeing greater privacy and transaction performance.

    At a stage where we have barely touched Blockchain's potential to optimize everyday and work processes, Æternity has wanted to take a more significant step with its implementation of sidechains and decentralized oracles, capable of allowing contracts that are only visible to the parties Involved - industries like banking, insurers and even online gambling - would have countless facilities. We are faced with a technology of Blockchain that really marks distance from the rest of the platforms, and that has a very promising scope for the next years; Its financing campaign began last Monday, April 3 with the first of two stages, which was enabled for about 30 hours in which 2147 people invested up to 119,638,564 ethers and 323,5482 bitcoins, Which in the currency of the platform are 136,374,555,551 AE's. Results of the most surprising.

    "Æternity is, for me, the biggest payment made in the plan of 'someone asks for money and many people spend and invest to achieve a viral purpose', but the most interesting thing about this platform that is already generating rivers of ink, is that it has Built on a campaign of contribution, not what they would do conventionally in an ICO, managing to bring together a whole community that at this very moment is envied by many. Pure donations 'crowdfunding' for this humble starting point, which at no time has conveyed to me the feeling that I am buying something. " Álex Casas , collaborator in the campaign contribution Æternity .

    This first phase was quite attractive for taxpayers, since for each invested Ether the return was set at 1000 AE's to carry out transactions within the ecosystem. Users who made their donation in the first 24 hours were given a bonus of 100 AE's, while the first 1000 people who invested 12 ETHs were given a physical portfolio Ledger Nano S - the founder of Æternity right now are promoting The ideal that hardware portfolios are much safer than digital purses. At the moment the new Blockchain is in a period of "gestation" that will extend during about 45 days, until the arrival of a second phase that will be developed over three weeks, with an investment limit of about 21 million francs Swiss in BTC or ETH; specific,

    "The goal of our campaign is to get the community involved as soon as possible, in order to fuel the growth of Æternity. We want to be decentralized and not exclude anyone who believes in the technological potential of our Blockchain. This is indispensable for long-term growth. "

    Yanislav Georgiev Malahov , Founder of Æternity .

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