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  • The best Bitcoin Wallet to use in 2017

    Security, comfort, variety of options, privacy, were some of the criteria to elaborate this guide.

     best Bitcoin Wallet

    Start 2017 and it's time to evaluate which are the best Bitcoin Wallets to use this year. Bitcoin users need more options, including not only security enhancements but also the ability to store various crypto coins. This is the list with our suggestions to use in this new year.

    Best Bitcoin Wallet 



    A classic that does not lose its vitality. In addition to saving bitcoins user, there are multiple options such as buying and selling, QR codes detector, having multiple accounts and private keys, save a notebook with addresses for recurring transactions, cold storage, backup, and more. 

    Download: MyCelium



    Without a doubt, one of the best Wallet for desktop operating systems. Electrum may not be visually appealing, but it is a secure wallet and with some interesting features like the "replaceable fee", which allows the user to edit the amount of bitcoins he offers to the miners so that his transaction appears quickly registered In Blockchain . Electrum  allows the user to have multiple purses in a single seed. You can sign and create transactions offline . The user can control his private key, and the wallet can be retrieved through a private phrase. 

    Download: Electrum



    One of the newest wallet on the market. Exodus  allows you to store Bitcoin, Dash , Ether, Litecoin and Dogecoin . It is very easy to use, allows you to easily transfer or sell  bitcoins, just like other crypto currency. For now it does not have many security measures, such as multi-signature and two-step verification, but its developers promise many improvements in this regard in the future. For now only available for Windows, Mac and Linux. 

    Downloads: Exodus


    Armory is possibly one of the safest and most complete wallet on the market. It has three different modes to use: Standard, Advanced and Developer , so depending on the user's needs and level of knowledge, you can get more out of it. 
    Some of its security options include a graphical keyboard to protect the user from keyloggers , offline transactions , cold storage options (including fragmented paper purses), and more. 
    It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. 

    Download: Armory



    If true safety is what you want, Trezor is ideal for you. Trezor is a physical wallet that you can carry anywhere on your keychain. It allows you to save your bitcoins offline, but at the same time gives you the possibility that you can use them anywhere you are. 

    Download: Trezor


    On paper

    If you do not want to have a Bitcoin digital wallet , you do not need it. Paper wallet are very popular and are considered really safe. If you choose this option, known as the Bitcoin offline wallet , you will have two QR codes. One of these codes is your public address Bitcoin - to which you can send money - and another is associated with the private key. Of course, being a paper wallet you should be extremely careful not to lose those QR codes. You can create it in

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