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  • The most efficient Bitcoin miner manufactured by Bitmain: the AntMiner S7

    Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer , Bitmain Tech , presents its most efficient miner ,Bitmain AntMiner S7 , thus demonstrating that manufacturers have launched a quest for maximum energy efficiency for these equipments, trying to earn both To private miners such as mining companies Bitcoin.

    bitmain antminer s7

    And it is that energy efficiency is one of the great problems of Bitcoin mining. If we do not have equipment with a consumption per GH / s low enough, we will not be able to profit from the purchase of the equipment and its food, unless we live in countries with extremely cheap electricity or we are a large scale mining company . The manufacturers know this, and in the last few days we have witnessed the presentation of mining equipment , such as the Israeli SP50 Spondoolies , which lowered consumption to an incredible 0.15 J / GH . In the case of Bitmain , we have been able toappreciate how in a short time the consumption of its miners has drastically reduced , presenting in the S7 an energy efficiency of 0. 25 J / GH , an extraordinary figure considering that we are talking about equipment available to private miners. Let's not forget that miners like the SP50 mentioned above, who get lower consumption, are only available to large scale mining companies and have very high prices.

    Bitcoin AntMiner S7 Miner Specifications

    The following are the main features of AntMiner S7 :
    Processing: 4,860  GH / s
    Power consumption:  1210 W (to the wall and with an ambient temperature of 25ºC)
    Electrical efficiency:  0.25 J / GH
    Voltage:  12V DC
    Chips:  162 chips BM1385 of 28nm
    Dimensions:  301mm x 123mm x 155mm
    Weight:  4.5 kg
    Cooling:  2 fans 12038 120mm
    Ethernet connection  Ethernet
    Sound:  66Db
    Its price is of 1,658 USD, to the change about 1.468 euros . With these specifications and price, we can say that we are before one of the miners of Bitcoin more balanced and with better quality / price of the market.

    Bitmain's race for energy efficiency

    bitmain antminer s7

    With the move from its previous chips BM1384 to the new generation BM1385 , Bitmain has made a great leap in electrical efficiency for Bitcoin mining, going from records of approximately 0.5 J / GH to 0.25 J / GH of the S7. We have produced a comparativetable with the different models of Bitmain Tech and its evolution in which the continuous improvement of the energy efficiency is evidenced:
    Processing (Hashrate)Power ConsumptionEnergy efficiencyChips
    AntMiner S1180 GH / s360 W2 J / GH64x BM1380
    AntMiner S21,000 GH / s1.100 W1.1 J / gH640x BM1380
    AntMiner U363 GH / s55 W1 J / GH4x BM1382
    AntMiner S3441 GH / s340 W0.77 J / GH32x BM1382
    AntMiner S3 +453 GH / sec355 W0.78 J / GH32x BM1382
    AntMiner S42,000 GH / s1.380 W0.69 J / GH160x BM1382
    AntMiner S4 +2,570 GH / s1,500 W0.58 J / GH204x BM1382
    AntMiner S51,155 GH / s590 W0.51 J / GH60x BM1384
    AntMiner S5 +7,722 GH / s3.436 W0.445 J / GH432x BM1384
    AntMiner S74,860 GH / s1.210 W0.25 J / GH162x BM1385
    With this table it is very easy to see the evolution towards a lower consumption by GH / s (see column "Energy Efficiency"), to compare the different miners by their hashrate and consumption as well as the evolution of the chips that has allowed the improvement of the efficiency .
    We are witnessing great advances in Bitcoin mining that will help establish a more secure, more sustainable and environmentally friendly Bitcoin network for people and companies that want to impose and maintain it. To do this , improving energy efficiency was crucial and we see how the competition, the competition between manufacturing companies, is leading to great achievements in this regard.

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