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  • The Most promising Cryptocurrency of 2017

    The most promising Cryptocurrency of 2017

    In this article I explore the Top 5 Cryptocurrency expecting to grow in 2017.

    Iconomi ( ICN ) : Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, this project is presented as the first to offer dividends (in ethers) to the holders of its token. They raised more than $ 10.5m from 3,500 different investors in the ICO. It is still in the initial phase, but its platform will soon be ready, a fund management that is composed by 3 different instruments:

    - ICN.Index; Is a passive fund with defined rules for adding and removing cryptones.

    - ICN.Performance; Is managed by the creators, and invests in ICOs.

    - ICN.OFM; Perhaps the most interesting, a platform in which users create funds managed by themselves.

    Lisk ( LSK ) : A versatile platform for decentralized applications with blockchain itself in the most fashionable language, Javascript. It offers a complete solution for the developers of Node.js and Javascript to deploy their own blockchain applications.
    lisk 2017

    It has an important partnership with Microsoft and in its ICO of 2016 raised more than 14,000 BTC. Although its price continues to decline moderately since it hit the market and some bad decision on the part of the main developer, users and investors are still relying on this project.

    Maidsafe ( MAID ) : Open source program being developed by Maidsafe, which is the acronym for "Massive Array of Internet Disks - Secure Access for Everyone".
    maidsafe 2017

    The proposal of this company intends to change the internet from its structure. Right now the internet is centralized, the idea of ​​Maidsafe is to be in the hands of users, decentralize it, stop relying on the servers of large companies and get all the content is stored on hard disks of the millions of users who There is in the world. Each person would give away part of their private storage so that other users could store their own content in exchange for remuneration. It can mean the end of the monopoly of our information by the internet giants.

    Iota ( IOT ) : Iota is a novel token for microtransactions optimized for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Unlike the complex and heavy blockchains of Bitcoin and the like, which were designed for other purposes in mind, Iota was created to be as light as possible, hence the name "Iota" with an emphasis on the 'IOT' part. Through Iota, it is possible to transfer money without any commission, including micropayments.

    iota coin

    His project, still in beta phase, has been involved in controversy due to continuous delays and lack of communication of the team with the investors.

    Factom ( FCT ) : This project creates products that transform the way organizations secure and share their data. Its products safeguard the most critical governmental, commercial and non-profit systems. It uses Bitcoin's block chain to facilitate the audit of information and solve problems that the block chain itself can not solve. Factom comes to solve the lack of confidence that exists in the global economy.
    factom ocin

    This project has received grants from US Homeland Security and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Investor confidence can be seen from the large volume of continuous dollars that moves every day in the market, despite not entering the top 10 of Market Capital.

    Dash ( DASH ) : Renaming from Darkcoin to Dash (digital cash union) in March 2015, most people do not know much about it, but it's very focused on everyday use. Currently few cryptoneses have all the advantages that Dash can offer.

    - Instant transactions confirmed in seconds. Useful for paying at retail. Especially with potential for developing and less banking countries.

    - No more strings of letters and numbers in the wallet addresses. Similar to Paypal and decentralized interface.

    - Private transactions.


    Personally this would not be my top 5 of most promising cryptocurrencies, but these results reflect the opinion of hundreds of committed users with great knowledge of the sector. For the most curious, the top 10 completed in order: ETC, Waves, ETH and Plutus. And who knows, maybe one of these criptomonedas will end up making some of us rich in 2017.

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