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  • Top sites to win & Earn Bitcoin 2017

    To complement the article on how to win Bitcoins , we bring you our selection of webs to win Bitcoins.As we have said before, surely you do not get rich, but it is also true that you put limits, your time and your ability to organize certain things .
    Earn Bitcoin

     As you know there are many ways to win bitcoins for free, here we bring you a list that It will help guide you through the different sections, and also our Top 7 favorites so you do not waste any time and you can start to win right now.
    Bitcoins free for making videos or doing tasks.

    Top 7 Favorites Sites to Earn & Win Bitcoins 

    If you do not want to waste time, if you want to know the most profitable places on the Internet to win free bitcoins , this is your section. As always everyone is tested and proven to pay when they should and properly.

     It's a typical game of farms .But with the nuance that these DO NOT ASK YOU TO INVEST ANYTHING. That is, you can only win with them, although the benefits are minor, gives us a guarantee that we will not lose anything. The game is quite accomplished, and payments are instant with Xapo (or wallet).Highly recommend .

     These nice robots will give you more and more money as you go up the level.The first levels cost more, but then you earn 2000 satoshis every hour. Checked out they pay.

    Well it is the most profitable.1,000 satoshis every hour and 10,000 satoshis on weekends.

     It would be a normal faucet if it were not because it has the peculiarity that the potential payment is increasing over time. If you enter very frequently you receive a pretty good payment. But when a lot of time passes the payment has increased. It is a joy because you do not lose anything if you are a few hours without entering, in reverse, the total figure increases. New weekly payment system, confirmed that they continue to pay properly.New and highly recommended.

     For me it is the most serious PTC in the entire Bitcoin universe. They always work well, they always pay when they should. And their health is very good because there are always new pages to visit, which is the sign that every new business that appears in the bitcoin world wants to advertise there . For me the most recommended.

    It is one of the most profitable faucets right now. For many of us it is among the best and indispensable . You enter the captcha and there will be a random number, which has a small chance of getting bigger prizes. This amount is free and fixed. Then, only if you want can you play the winnings by betting on a hi-low type game. But if you do not want to, you can simply dedicate to increase your account and charge at the end.

     A zebra that will pay you well if you feed it every hour. Another of the most profitable today . Checked by myself that they pay (and very well), also you have a dice to multiply the prize, but without risk of losing it, by probability the smart thing is to try to multiply by 2, throwing a single die. But I repeat: this multiplication does not make you lose anything if you lose.

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