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  • Zero Fox : Security company for social networks warns about scams with Bitcoiins.

    The social security company ZeroFOX published in its official blog an investigation on financial scams with Bitcoin  through these digital channels.
    This company they maintain security of bitcoins that although Bitcoin offers enough security, it has a dark side in which the criptomoneda has been frequently used for scams and other crimes in the Internet, and that due to its growth has captivated people who take advantage by means of illicit means.
    Thus, on the one hand ZeroFOX explains that the reason for using Bitcoin, and why it can be effective for social network scams - the victims are mostly owners of bitcoins; Is precisely what makes it also safe, that is to say: its decentralized, anonymous and irreversible character.
    Bitcoin is not controlled by any government or entity, which together with the fact that transactions can not be changed, makes it almost impossible to recover losses; While its pseudo-anonymity implies that it is extremely difficult to detect the culprit (or culprits) of the scam, and in this respect, ZeroFOX adds that social networks:

    zero fox

    In addition, the company conducts the study because social networks, a field in which it specializes, provide access to a large number of digitally connected persons, being able to observe which ones are more interested in entering the Bitcoin ecosystem, and which also lack Of the experience necessary to know whether it is a legitimate or illegitimate offer.
    Therefore, ZeroFOX analyzed and exposed some examples of scams associated with digital social media and related to Bitcoin that detected its platform. Of the investigation highlights four cases: false portfolios Bitcoin that supply malware downloads; Profiles that usurp the identity of unsuspecting users; And scams that consist of the user investing a quantity of bitcoins with the promise that they will return double then, and although they are usually low numbers, scammers achieve enough with the reach that makes social networks.
    This last one is very similar to the pyramid schemes - the last example mentioned by ZeroFOX -, in which the major difference is that not only the fraudster promotes the investment in the networks, but also the new participants, since they must look for more "investors" So that in theory they "win" more.
    The report also reports that the problem is greater than those samples, so this company created a service on its platform that alerts "every time a new publication or profile of social networks is created similar to a scam already found" .
    From these warnings, it was determined during the first days of March, when the price of bitcoin  exceeded the gold , the frequency with which the scams occurred:

    zero fox

    However, not only did such messages exist, some were also detected that called for direct contact through DMs, private messages or telephone numbers, and it was also common for scammers to have individual profiles. In essence, ZeroFOX research warns that digital media are a good field to achieve such scams, besides being very useful for disseminating other threats such as  ransomwares  and schemes ponzi ; As these are highly enhanced with the use of social networks.
    It should be noted that the alert service, already mentioned, is now available to ZeroFOX customers . Interestingly, they add that social network scammers are often successful in taking advantage of the money that is associated with the exaggeration and expectation that is generated from the newer and larger brands of popular culture.
    In this line, their recommendations for network users are summed up to be careful about offers too good to be true, including mining and investment assistance. Likewise, the identity of legitimate services and investments must be verified, as their profiles are quite copied. And finally, they urge anyone who has suffered such scams to report them to the FBI's Internet Crimes Complaint Center , although this will only be to assist in future investigations, as it is almost impossible to recover bitcoins lost in these cases.

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