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  • AsRock to launch motherboard with 13 GPU ports for cryptocurrency , like Bitcoin mining

    AsRock , a company specializing in the manufacture of hardware, has announced the launch of a motherboard that allows the connection of 13 GPU video cards to mine cryptocurrency.

    Asrock H110 Pro BTC +

    The information was released at the event Computex 2017, where it was stated that this motherboard with so many ports, which would endow high processing power of teams willing to undermine cryptocurrency soon be available for sale. The aforementioned video cards can be connected with PCI-E extenders and, as it was known, are close enough to give the motherboard a standard size.
    During the event held in Taipei, Taiwan was tested this equipment using 8 GPU cards and the operating system of Microsoft, Windows , although there is no certainty that this system is the best or the default to get more out of it.
    Asrock H110 Pro BTC +

    The model of this motherboard is named  Asrock H110 Pro BTC + and it follows the previous generation of boards (cards) Pro BTC, resembling in its price and effectiveness. Although no release date has been given, it is anticipated that a Socket 1151 CPU and Intel G3900 processors, as well as a DDR4 memory, should be purchased as well. More details have not been revealed, but potential buyers are hoping to find out where they can purchase this motherboard, its price, the launch date and the specific specifications of the equipment, whose demand promises to be quite high.
    Asrock H110 Pro BTC +

    In addition, the company took advantage of the launch of two mini-ITX motherboards, aimed at gamers who are functional with AMD's Intel X299 chipset and AM4's AM4 chipset.

    In short, this announcement represents a milestone in the market for the manufacture of equipment to mine bitcoins, as in this case those based on the Proof-Of-Work mechanism, such as Litecoin, Peercoin and, of course, Bitcoin. With the increasing difficulty of many cryptocurrency, companies that offer miners, hardware in general, or that manage mining pools are forced to increase competition and its effectiveness, a question that gives many reflections as far as energy sustainability And environmental protection of the ever-increasing facilities.
    Asrock H110 Pro BTC +

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