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  • Basic Guide for Bitcoin Noobs.

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    Ok, I know what Bitcoin is and I almost understand how it works. I have been informed on the internet because more and more the issue on TV and the other day all the media did not stop talking about the alleged creator of Bitcoin with great excitement. Ok, now I want bitcoins, I want to know how to get bitcoins.

    I do not know why I want them exactly, I suppose to be in the garlic, to be part of this fascinating experiment, to once, shut up my brother-in-law on Sunday talking about a subject he does not control. I do not know what I want: where can I pay with bitcoins? , What can I do with them ? But i want them

    At a minimum, they seem to be revalued over time, although their value may also fall. It is a speculative facet that worries me a little. But win or lose will not be much, I just want a few bitcoins to try.

    Three basic ways to get bitcoins

    A close friend explains to me that you can get virtual coins basically in two ways. One is putting our computer at the service of the cryptographic processes that allow the system of transactions and payments to work. This is known as 'minar', and there are more and more people and companies specialized in it, so putting a standard home computer to mine coins does not make much profit.

    The other option to obtain bitcoins is to exchange them for euros through one of the many exchange houses or intermediary companies. This can be done at a specific ATM (and scarce still outside the big cities) or via the internet.

    The third possibility is the purchase and sale between people, through the p2p networks. Websites like put in direct contact people interested in buying or selling currency. Once put in contact, users can choose to do the exchange over the network or in person. This is the most decentralized way, direct and without intermediaries to get bitcoins.  

    So I stay with my friend understood, who in turn has brought another friend who brings another friend ... We are five people gathered for a greater or lesser interest in this world of the criptomonedas. We form a strange excursion that exudes excitement and nerves on the way to the cashier.

    The first thing we need, they explain, is an electronic wallet to store the bitcoins. There are many types: for mobile, for the desktop of the computer, others that are accessed via the web and even some in hardware that do not require internet connection or computer. The differences between them lie in security and support preference issues. There is even one that works through Telegram conversations .

    Since there are several people in the virtual world, we chose the easy option: the Bitcoin Wallet from the Play Store. It appears on my mobile with a sad as well as hopeful message: 'No bitcoins have yet been received'. But that's it.

    Automatic cashier

    Finally we have opted for the option of the cashier because it is simpler and do not ask for personal information. Just put the euros and scan the QR code of your electronic wallet to receive the bitcoins. You can even get past the cell phone and ask for a paper purse ; Then the cashier will print you a ticket with a key. That's money too.

    We arrived at the place where the only cashier in my city is located. Bitchain manages it and is in an old copy shop, with a machinery and a clerk so old that we have doubts about a possible connection with the world of crypto-currencies.

    -Good morning, do you have bitcoins?

    The question we ask is suspicion that we have mistaken place and that the clerk will look at us with a face of stupefaction worthy of a Guinness record. But surprisingly the clerk points out to us the teller, he tells us that he is out of order and that he can not explain us anything more because 'these issues are taken by the computer and now he is not'.

    Buy Bitcoin online

    So we return each to his house with the mood of fall and I am getting to get my bitcoins via telematic. My friend understood me to do it through the Bitnovo web. I enter and I pulse ' buy bitcoins '. After a half-hour of records in the intermediary transfer system, order confirmations, telephone and email checks (etc., etc.), finally the bitcoins appear in my electronic wallet. It is a ridiculous amount but it makes me excited.

    It has not been so difficult. Records are unavoidable the first time, but the process is simple, fast and secure. If you are very new, it is advisable to have someone to guide you in the process, although you will also find the information online. You can find the location of the tellers or compare the conditions offered by different exchange houses. So do not hesitate and dive into the fascinating world of crypto-currencies.

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