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  • Bitbounce: Earn Bitcoins in exchange for receiving SPAM mail

     How many spam mails do we receive per day ?, possibly hundreds of thousands of threats against the security of our archives and "dark" programs that can leak, of course, there are other emails that arrive that are "email marketing" , With a harmless publicity.
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    Currently, there is a project that seeks to use the information to make users earn bitcoins by receiving and opening those emails that fall into our spam tray, we talk about  BitBounce , an app with a curious activity, and is to send a message to the Sender of the mails that arrive at the spam box asking in exchange for bitcoins the possibility of that message arriving in our inbox.

    Earn Bitcoins 

    That is, if a company, company or store sends emails to people around the world and 90% of them fall into spam, they have the option to pay in bitcoins for users to read their messages, and it would be the same user determines how much Is the payment to receive in tray of delivery and also read it.

    The proposal is not unsafe, because viruses would also have the ability to promote their mail to also avoid reaching the spam tray, which would mean that users should increase their precautions to prevent any email from reaching the main tray .

    For this, the user must constantly set up a "white list" of people who will not receive the " pay to read" email .

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