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  • Buy Bitcoins with Paypal or Credit Card - compare and buy 2017

    Where to buy bitcoins easily by credit card, paypal, bank transfer or cash? 

    buy bitcoins

    The Bitcoin being recent and revolutionary, it sometimes seems difficult to acquire it and it is not obvious to trust any platform of bitcoin to entrust its money. 

    Rather than trying to buy the cheapest bitcoin, it is better to favor the reputation, reliability and quality of service of the bitcoin exchange platforms. Indeed new companies promising to find bitcoins at broken prices see the day on the Internet and disappear quickly, often with your bitcoins.
    Here is a small guide detailing the list of the main marketplaces to buy and sell Bitcoins (BTC) * against Euro (EUR), Swiss francs (CHF) or Canadian dollars (CAD) with the highest level of security. *Warning,

    List of market places buy bitcoin :

    VirWox is a currency exchange where you can exchange virtual currencies (Linden-Dollar, Bitcoin) and real currencies (Euro, US Dollar, Swiss Franc ...) against each other. This platform has the Linden-Dollar, virtual currency, as reference currency. The interest of VirWox is to be able to directly convert your original currency (Euro, Pound Sterling or Swiss Franc for example) into Linden-Dollar without going through a prior conversion of your currency into US Dollar.Possibility to buy Linden-Dollars by CB or Paypal and then convert them to BTC.
    Trading fee: 3.4% + € 0.39
    Paypal ✔ CB ✔
    Buy bitcoin paypal

    Buy bitcoins with paypal

    One of the very first platform created to buy bitcoins quickly with security. You can sell or acquire bitcoins between individuals living in the same place, either in cash from hand to hand or online by electronic payment. Sellers like buyers are rated, so you can select an honest person with whom to trade BTC. 
    Trading fee: 0 to 1% 
    incoming sepa transfer: 0
    outgoing sepa transfer: 0                                
    Paypal  CB ✘ 
    Buy bitcoin by credit card 

    Buy bitcoins with paypal

    CoinHouse is BTC's first online French website, created by La Maison du Bitcoin and the French USB bitcoin portfolio Ledger Wallet . This online counter makes it possible to buy Bitcoins in a secure way by credit card, prepaid card or cash with the Néosurf tickets. An ID and selfie are the only two documents required to open an account. After a few hours needed to validate your account, you can start buying bitcoins. The sending of the bitcoins is immediate as of the payment received. 
    trading Rates: from 6  to  10%
    language:  P
    Purchase BTC by CB                                                               
    aypal   CB  

    Buy bitcoins 

    Coinbase is a BTC platform based in San Francisco, California, with more than 3 million users worldwide and close to 5 million open-ended portfolios at the end of 2015. Although the quick purchase of bitcoins by credit card is possible with little expense, the bank deposit option is preferable because fees are even lower (1.49%) and the transaction ceiling is higher. See the purchase tutorial  to get $ 10 free bitcoins.
    Trading fee:  from 1 to 3.49% 
    inbound sepa transfer: 0 
    outgoing sepa transfer: 0   
    language: P
    Purchase / sale bitcoin by credit card or bank deposit                                                               
    aypal  CB 

    Coinbase, purchase of bitcoins by credit card and bank transfer

    Bitit is a French startup that allows the purchase of Bitcoin online by credit card, and cash in more than 100K + points of sale in less than 10 min. Their vision is to make purchasing the Bitcoin as simple as any e-commerce product. You can buy your first 25 € of Bitcoins without prior checking. To increase your limits it will be necessary to provide a piece of identification and a selfie. The service is available in Europe, the United States and Canada.
    Trading Charge: 3.9% for online coupon
                              15.9% for prepaid coupon or gift card                                                 

    Purchase BTC by CB                                                                 aypal  CB  

    Buy bitcoin by CB or Paypal

    Coinmama was one of the first sites to buy bitcoins directly from CB (credit or debit card) or cash via Western Union, Moneygram or EgoPay. The process is therefore simple, secure and not very restrictive. Customer service is also very available and responsive. The fees are still slightly high but the service is efficient. Use the coupon code of Bitcoincours 807XX276 to get a reduction of 5 euros on your purchase bitcoin or litecoin.
    Trading costs: 12%

    language: P
    Buy bitcoins by credit card                                                               
    aypal  CB 

    Buy cheap bitcoins  

    BiBoat is a Franco-Italian company headquartered in London. BitBoat makes it easy, fast and secure to buy Bitcoins in cash from a Post office or a tobacconist.The accepted payment methods are the account mandate, Neosurf and Neocode. It is not necessary to have a postal account or specific cards. You will receive your bitcoins in less than two hours! (Many crypto-currencies available for purchase)
    warrant fee account: from € 4.80 
    Neocode fee: from 4 to 10%                                                                            language:  

    Buy bitcoin Neosurf                                                               Paypal  CB  

    Buy bitcoins in cash

    This German platform connects the buyer and the seller by acting as arbitrator: bitcoinde blocks the bitcoins until the seller has confirmed that he has received the payment. After confirmation, the BTC will be transferred to the buyer's account.Payment is made by bank transfer.
    trading fees: 0.5% 
    transfer incoming sepa: 0
    transfer outgoing sepa: 0                                
    Pal  CB 
    Purchase bocage  

    Buy bitcoins quickly

    QuadrigaCX is a digital market based in Vancouver that allows Canadians to buy and sell Bitcoins. To buy Bitcoins, you supply your QuadrigaCX account in Canadian dollars using one of our many deposit options and place a purchase order on the market. Your purchase order will then be filled in as soon as a seller is willing to sell at the price you agreed to buy.
    Transaction fee: 0.5% 
    wire transfer: free
    Interac e-Transfer: 1%                                                                       
    Buy bitcoin canada                                                               Paypal  CB   

    Buy bitcoins with CAD

    Bity is defined as the Swiss gateway to convert money into crypto-currencies and digital assets. The platform, which accepts Euros and Swiss Francs, makes it possible to acquire Bitcoins and Ethers by placing purchase orders. Bity has also installed 3vending machines (Geneva, Lausanne and Montreux), the easiest and fastest way to buy bitcoins.
    Trading fee: included in the price 
    bank transfers: free except SOFORT and OBT                                                                    
    Buy bitcoin in switzerland                                                               Paypal  CB   

    Buy bitcoins with CHF

    It is a place where newcomers and trading professionals will be able to trade with ease Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Hitbtc was built on modern technologies to provide fast, reliable and secure service.Customers will appreciate the quick execution of orders, convenient ways to deposit and withdraw euros and competitive customer service. Discount important on fees during an order pass to the best limit. 
    brokerage fees: 0.07%  to   0.2% transfer incoming sepa: 0 transfer outgoing sepa: 0.2% 

    Pal ✘ CB ✘

    Buy bitcoins with paypal is an open-source desktop application to download that allows you tobuy bitcoins  with national currencies or crypto-currencies. The decentralized and encrypted platform allows peer-to-peer trading in private and without intermediaries. No registration and never holds your funds. Start trading in less than 10 minutes! 
    Brokerage fee: maker 0.0005 BTC, taker 0.001BTC 
    bank transfers; no charge
     P aypal   CB 

    Buy bitcoins cb

    Kraken is a visually well-made Swedish Bitcoin exchange site that is fairly easy to use once you have been verified. Their safety seems to be solid and well thought out. The ability of Kraken to link a YubiKey or a Google authentication is an asset for serious trading. However, their customer service for new accounts and withdrawals is excruciatingly slow.
    Brokerage fee: 0.05% to 0.3% 
    sepa incoming transfer: 0 €
    transfer out sepa: 0.09 €                         

    Buy bitcoins with paypal
    The biggest BTC platform in terms of volume, it allows to buy bitcoins only, against fiduciary currency. Account validation is sometimes slow but the purchase of bitcoins is very fast because there are enough users to allow good liquidity. The site is easy to use. 
    Brokerage fees: 0.5% 
    transfer sepa entering: 0 €
    transfer out sepa 0.90 €                          
    Paypal  CB 

    Buy bitcoins with paypal

    Find the prices of the exchange rates of bitcoin listed above on the page of stock exchange bitcoin

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