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  • Get bitcoin without buying bitcoins: the companies that will most benefit from the Crytocurrency

    Mining references generally evoke images of spikes and shovels. But for supporters of bitcoin and other criptomonedas whose value is increasing without limits, gold may be in the stock of companies that produce computer processors and chips used to create Cryptocurrency in a process known as mining.

    Cryptocurrency can only be created using computers to solve complex mathematical problems. The difficulty increases as more problems are solved, leading miners to require even more powerful hardware. With Cryptocurrency prices on the rise, demand for components is increasing, as miners are able to recover their initial investment faster.
    A complete mining platform, made up of graphics cards, processor, power supply, memory, cabling and fan, costs between $ 2,400 and $ 3,800 on Amazon. The Antminer S9, which is estimated to mine 0.29 bitcoins per month, is sold at a retail price of $ 2,795, which means that one can recover the investment in about four months with bitcoin at $ 2,700, regardless of the costs of electricity. Miners usually buy complete equipment or build them themselves.
    The following are some of the companies that manufacture the parts:
    The company, based in Santa Clara, Calif., Manufactures graphics processing units (GPUs) used by players and increasingly by digital coin miners. GPUs that appear on the Nvidia website can cost up to $ 1,200.
    The platform-mining market can grow to around $ 1.3 billion, and since GPUs account for roughly two-thirds of the coin mining costs, GPU demand can rise to $ 875 million, according to a report by RBC Capital Markets on June 6.
    If Nvidia gets half that, it will represent a 10% increase in its GPU sales, said RBC analyst Mitch Steves in an interview. The company currently has about 75% of the GPU market, according to a report by Jon Peddie Research.
    Advanced Micro Devices
    AMD, as the company is known, also manufactures graphics cards used to mine ethereum and other currencies. Shares of the Sunyvale, California-based company are the biggest gainers in the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index in the last week, thanks in part to an article from PcWorld that said it is almost impossible to get AMD Radeon graphics cards after Of an increase in the demand of ethereum miners.
    The company also manufactures processors commonly used to build mining platforms, and its technology director Mark Papermaster told a Bank of America Merrill Lynch conference that his product competes with its biggest rival Intel.
    Digital coin mining has the potential to boost demand for Intel processors, said Kevin Cassidy, an analyst at Stifel Nicolaus. Although AMD processors (CPUs) are popular among miners, Intel is the traditional leader in the industry and is taking steps to counter its nascent rival.
    Micron Technology
    Boise, Idaho-based Micron is the largest US chipmaker, one of the components of a mining team, so it will also benefit, Cassidy said.

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