HOW TO ACCEPT PAYMENTS IN BITCOINS? - Buy Bitcoins News profitable bitcoin Mining



    To receive payments in bitcoins you need to possess a wallet or digital wallet. This wallet generates a public key, also known as a bitcoin address, which can be associated with a QR code, as shown in the figure:

    The seller must grant the person who wants to pay with bitcoins the public key or the QR code, as well as the amount to be canceled. Then, the paying person must copy the address in their wallet or scan the QR code with the camera of their cell phone, enter the amount and send the bitcoins.
    In case of not wanting to stay with the bitcoins, the merchant will have to later charge to change his bitcoins for the currency of the country he wants through a currency exchange or interested person.
    There is also the possibility of facilitating the process of exchanging bitcoins through the use of payment processors. The payment processors integrate the bitcoin portfolios with the goodness of the exchange houses, which makes possible the instantaneous exchange of bitcoins received to any currency that the platform supports. In addition, they issue invoices of the sale made.

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