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  • How to Buy NEM coin ?

    NEM Cryptocurrency has a revolutionary platform based on blockchain technology.

    The use of secure cryptography allows NEM to be used for a wide variety of applications in many industries, such as  financial, government, logistics and medical.

    In short, we can say that NEM apart from being able to carry out money transactions, allows to do many other things based on data management, with high levels of security.

    How do we invest in NEM? or HOW TO BUY NEM COIN ?

    You can buy NEM by changing another cryptocurrency you have like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.
    buy nem coin

    If you do not have any cryptocurrency you can buy directly in dollars with your credit card in exchange Changelly .

    For this case we will use the Dogecoin to buy some NEM, which is currently trading at around US $ 0.25.
    buy nem coin

    We enter Changelly  and select Dogecoin to buy NEM, which is traded under the symbol XEM. The minimum required by the Exchange for the change is about 2000 DOGE (approximately $ 5).

    Remember that if you have no cryptomoneda and want to buy XEM, you must place USD to be able to pay with your credit card.

    We click on Exchange and we continue ...

    The following screen shows the exchange rate and the approximate delay of the transaction. The 5 minutes and 30 seconds are estimates, as it may take longer depending on the demand of the moment.

    buy nem coin

    Click Next and follow ...

    In the following screen we are asked to enter the XEM address where we want to receive the money. In this case we use the wallet of Bittrex , since the one of CoinPayments does not have this cryptocurrency.

    XEM in addition to the address asks you for a second data called Message, all this information you get it from your wallet.

    Click Next where we will see a summary screen.

    If everything is correct we confirm and proceed to payment, in this case in Dogecoin. You will do it with the cryptocurrency that you have chosen, or in dollars with your card.

    Once the payment has been made we must wait at least 5 minutes for the transaction to finish, which will give us the following screen:

    The XEM are ready, as we always say to expect them to go up.

    For more information on the NEM cryptoneda you can visit the official site .

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