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  • How to Win or Buy Ethereum ?

    Have you ever wondered what are the ways to buy the Cryptocurrency Ethereum , which is growing amazingly in recent days? Here are some of them!


    You have read that the price of Ethereum, the second most important Cryptocurrency on the market, has risen in price , exponentially, in recent days. In fact, its value has increased 6 times over what it had at the beginning of 2017.

    There are several ways to buy ethereum, Ethereum or ETH (trade acronym) and this guide will teach you how to do it. Like Bitcoin , you may encounter certain obstacles at first, but we hope to show you the method that best fits your possibilities. You can buy them with traditional currencies, buy them with Bitcoin or mine them.

    Buy Ethereum with traditional currencies

    There are many currency exchange houses that you can use to buy Ethereum , directly using traditional currencies like dollars, euros or yuan. Kraken is a good way to buy ether with dollars, pounds sterling or euros. If you live in Chile, you can try CryptoMKT.
    Buy Ethereum with Bitcoin

    Undoubtedly , the easiest and quickest way to buy Ethereum is through Bitcoin (since there are many exchanges of Bitcoin in Latin America). Therefore , you should only use your currencies to buy bitcoins and then use those bitcoins to buy Ethereum.

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    Now that you have bitcoins you can get ethers using some of the converters that works with BTC-ETH. For example, you can try Poloniex, BitFinex or Kraken (the complete list is in Coinmarket ). There is also the option that is much easier and faster to use.

     Ethereum Mining

    Another way to get a lot of ethers is by buying a contract to mine ETH through your account. If you want to mine ethers on your own, the process may be somewhat intricate, but we recommend this guide that can serve you. Also, you may want to join a "pool" of mining to reduce costs.

    If you want to buy a mining contract, that means you will give some of your profits to someone else who is in charge of management, maintenance and cost setting. You can compare the mining contracts of Bitcoin and Mining Ethereum here .

    We consider that the best option for those living in Latin America is to buy bitcoins and then change them to ethers since you can use your favorite exchange for that process.

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