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  • ME COIN - Scam affects more than 150 thousand in Colombia

    In Medellin alone, a man deposited 80 millions. Complaints of the scam come even from other countries in Latin America.


    Me-Coin boasted of having more than 120 thousand "partners", it is not difficult for accounts to know the large amount of foreign money they handled. The first month worked perfectly and everyone received their profit and their capital.

    I start this small article clarifying that I do not use my real name because, well we know, in Colombia everything is risky, even telling the truth. I also clarify that I am a fervent admirer of bitcoin and other criptomonedas as part of the future (or present) world economic model, which can not continue ignored by traditionalists and banks from different countries, who see in these currencies the schema competencies Banking.
    What bitcoin can be used to buy drugs, to make pyramids, etc? True, is the dollar, the euro and the peso not? Of course, although the character of anonymity and ease makes the bitcoin lend a little more to these schemes. As an example we have the past world cyber attack called WannaCry, an ransomware that was able to "hijack" the information, encrypting it and requesting a bitcoin to send the decryption key. Undoubtedly, bitcoin facilitates this payment and above all, it makes the physical location of the criminals difficult.
    But bitcoin is not the main topic of the article, which is more a complaint. I will explain below the case of the most recent pyramid

    Me-coin, a Colombian pyramid

    For no one is secret the need for money that Colombians have this year. A 2017 of great difficulty due to the increase of taxes, the economic recession and the marvelous decisions of our rulers.
    When before us we are presented with a company that promises to pay you in a month 50% plus the capital invested, we can not help feeling at least some curiosity.
    Me-Coin is a company (or was, I'm not clear), that promised a profitability like that, but in bitcoins, that is, you gave them a quantity in bitcoins and they gave you in a month 50% plus the capital, Split everything into daily payments, direct to your personal bitcoins wallet. In addition, they granted income by bonds under a matrix scheme, when entering referrals.
    Given that the bitcoin could have been a month ago at $ 1,900, and now at $ 2,500 and knowing that you invested an amount and gave you back 50% more (less commissions of course), the business did not look bad at all. They had plans for 0.12 BTC, 0.325 BTC, 0.52BTC, 1.05BTC, and a few more. Let's do the exercise with the 1.05BTC plan:

    If you invested 1.05BTC on May 5 that bitcoin was at $ 1,565, it was an investment of $ 1,643.25 to open the account. Each month, in your wallet you would have a total of 1,375 BTC (discounting commissions and transaction costs) and a bitcoin value of $ 2,500 a day on June 5 would give a result of $ 3,437.5. That is, you could make a profit of $ 1,794.25. Not bad, right? Well, this scheme started to work this way from April 17, 2017.
    To this day, Me-Coin boasted of having more than 120 thousand "partners", it is not difficult to do accounts to know the large amount of foreign money that they handled. The first month worked perfectly and everyone received their profit and their capital.
    In the second month everything began to collapse and the lies soon came to life. First, Me-Coin's payment transactions to the partners' personal bitcoins wallets were lost; Before this opened a web support channel without giving a prompt response to the problems. Days later they said to have found the problem: According to them it was due to an API programming problem that made the payments. An API is an established scheduling routine for a specific purpose.
    Then they began to announce a fourth investment method: Me-Coin Store, in which you could get juicy profits under a dot scheme in a virtual store, of course, to enter this store (which never existed or announced its name) , A membership had to be paid. Many did and so again the coffers of Me-Coin were filled with great form.
    Days later they stopped paying, the last payment was made on May 27. Of course, they issued a communication a week later announcing that they had been victims of the hackers and their accounts had been emptied.

    Who is behind Me-Coin?

    Before I say, how did I meet Me-coin? In April I learned about a new business opportunity: there was a presentation of the company at the Barranquilla Plaza Hotel. In the best style of the big companies recognized for their payment schemes and bonuses, Mr. Silfredo De Jesús Camargo was presented to us under a spectacular frame of lights, shiny paper and a lot of knowledge of the bitcoin economy. That day was the launch of However, as a preview, the page never worked, the application failed, however, the unsuspecting there gawked open hopeful in an opportunity to improve our economy.

    Almost a month later the platform began to operate, the great majority of attendees to the hotel event in Barranquilla and many others happened in several cities of the country we opened plans under the premise and the eagerness to do it soon, before the bitcoin rose more and To get a good post in the binary network - alias pyramid. Where, if you were in a good position, the position would allow you to obtain benefits for all the people who opened plan below you. Let us ask ourselves now, who is the person who is first in the Colombian network? Of course, Silfredo Camargo, who would begin to receive profits by registered people that in his life would know.
    Thus passed a good month, we all received good profits and with the possibility of reinvesting, which is sure that the great majority would do. None of us expected that on May 25 would leave the platform to pay. Ah, but it did allow him to continue to open plans or investment centers as they called him.
    Recently, Mr. Silfredo Camargo published a video where he boasts of his good life when walking on a yacht in the Rosario Islands. Its famous phrase is "to live the bitcoin life". The funny thing about the video is that it was issued on May 30, when the platform days before had stopped operating. The last thing that was known is that Mr. Camargo had left the country.

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