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  • [ Tutorial ] How to get Dash in Venezuela?

    Venezuelans growing interest in the Cryptocurrency, which has experienced a significant increase in value over the past few months, we have presented some alternatives for acquiring Cryptocurrency balances.
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    Today, millions of people around the world use Cryptocurrency as a means of payment for products and services, as well as a mechanism to keep savings well against economies heavily affected by inflation levels, as in Countries of Latin America, especially in Venezuela.

    Currently, Bitcoin is the Cryptocurrency that has the best reputation among its type, since it has the longest circulation time, its value exceeds $ 2,500 per unit and today is accepted by many companies and Trades as a legitimate means of payment alongside other currencies. However, its network faces a number of important drawbacks that have compromised its smooth functioning, since the difficulty in arriving at a consensus on the issue of block size has led to significant delays in transaction times, implying a considerable increase in The commissions for operations to streamline the process.

    For this reason, many people have looked for a way to diversify their operations contemplating other digital currencies like Ethereum, Dash , ZCash or Litecoin , since in addition to having a much lower cost per unit than Bitcoin, they are profiled like excellent commercial alternatives in the medium term by The growth that they have been registering, since their infrastructures do not present the problems mentioned above.

    Dash is a Cryptocurrency that many consider an improved version of Bitcoin,  since it incorporates properties that its predecessor does not contemplate, like for example a greater number of security measures to protect the identity of the merchants and a Blockchain armored against any type of Attack known to date.

    In Venezuela this Cryptocurrency counts every day with a greater number of followers, however in the Caribbean country there are not as many alternatives for its acquisition as in the case of Bitcoin. This is why in this article we present some of the most used methods to obtain Dash assets in Venezuela.

    Buy or Get Dash with the Cash

    Although in Venezuela there are several exchange platforms to buy Bitcoin balances in exchange for Venezuelan bolivars - such as SurBitcoin , XAPO, BitInca, MonkeyCoin, among others -, the number of services that offer the possibility of acquiring balances in Dash is quite small .

    For now, the only trading platform that allows buying Dash with VEB is Cryptobuyer , a service which originally only supported the Venezuelan currency for business with Bitcoin  and qu and  recently joined Dash within their Cryptocurrencys for purchase / sale .

    Exchange other altcoins with Dash

    Another option for acquiring Cryptocurrency balances is through the use of platforms and services that receive payments in a variety of digital currencies, and exchange the assets for their equivalent in the Cryptocurrency selected by the user.

    Within this classification are platforms like Changelly , ShapeShift or Changer ,  which support the transfer of digital assets - for example  Bitcoin - and return to the user the equivalent balance in Dash discounting the respective costs associated with the operation performed. The problem with these platforms is that their commissions are high and do not have as much liquidity as exchanges that support Dash , we recommend Poloniex  as the best way to change Bitcoin and other currencies by Dash .

    There are also exchange platforms in which users can publish orders where they offer one Cryptocurrency in exchange for another by freely setting the exchange rate. Included here are services such as Triple Dice Exchange , which allows users in Venezuela to exchange between digital coins under this system.

    And finally are the software designed for the storage of digital coins, among which there are purses that allow to save and make the exchange between a variety of Cryptocurrencys including Bitcoin and Dash . Among these products is Exodus ,  which is a wallet designed for desktop computers in which users can store balances in five different digital currencies and exchange assets between currencies.

    Get Dash by Mining

    One of the procedures to get Dash balances is through mining activities, a method by which an operator makes available to the blockchain network the processing power of a computer - better known as HASH - to facilitate the transaction of assets In the Cryptocurrency by capturing the commissions of the operations carried out, allowing the user to be able to generate his own assets in the Cryptocurrency.

    Although many use their desktop computers for this purpose, a large number of users in information forums assure that it is not as profitable, since the amount of assets that is produced in this way is quite reduced as opposed to the investment of electricity and Processing power that the equipment in question must offer. This is why it is more advisable to purchase equipment designed for this purpose, which once operating must be registered in a mining pool that meets the preferences of the operator considering the margins of gain and amount of HASH required.
    In conclusion, if you live in Venezuela we recommend that you get Dash through platforms and services authorized to avoid any possibility of fraud. If you want to use Bitcoin balances in exchange for Dash, it is important to take into account the commission margins and processing times, since the services that perform the exchange between currencies will only send the same to the user once received and verified the first deposit.

    If you are interested to get Dash balances, it is advisable to pre-select the wallet that best fits your needs.

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