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  • Where to BUY Bitcoins ?

    How to buy bitcoins

    to buy bitcoins

    Getting your first bitcoins is relatively easy. However there is something you should know first: Bitcoin is real money and therefore do not expect to find a way to get many free bitcoins or someone giving away large quantities. There are pages that give a few cents to new users of Bitcoin so they can become familiar with the system. We will mention these pages but they will not be our main topic. There are usually only two ways (very obvious, by the way) of getting bitcoins:

    Offering products and services in exchange for bitcoins.
    Exchange them for euros, dollars or other currencies.

    Buy Bitcoins

    Where to buy Bitcoins.

    The best option to buy Bitcoins quickly, simply and safely is  Coinbase.com  a relatively new broker. In addition, it has an active promotion where they will give us 10 USD free for the purchase of more than 100 euros of Bitcoin. It offers security options that other exchange markets do not have. Clean interface and very low rates. You can buy it even with a card. Behind this house are big companies like BBVA, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Andreessen Horowitz, among others.

    In order to make the purchase, Brokers, and in this case  Coinbase.com ,  require an identity verification to verify that the purchases made are genuine. As I said before, you can make purchases with a card, although it is advisable to transfer because the limits to buy by card are low. If your desire is to buy a lot of bitcoins, the most advisable would be by bank transfer so that the money reaches  Coinbase  the next day.

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    Once I buy the Bitcoins, I usually move them to CEX.IO , a Bitcoin exchange that has been in operation since 2013 and operates in most countries around the world. Thanks to its expansion, it accepts even purchases with cards in USD, EUR or your local currency. Including debit cards or virtual cards like Neteller, EntroPay, Payoneer or Netspend among others.
    You only have to link your CEX.IO account  to your profile, deposit the money with your card and buy the bitcoins at the best market price you can. It is a very simple process even for beginners. In addition, it has support 24 hours a day and in a few minutes have always solved the problems I have had.

    Buy Bitcoins with cash

    To track the price we recommend the page  Bitcoinity.org  where you can follow in real time purchases and sales made on different platforms where Bitcoin is marketed.
    For more advanced users, we recommend Bitcoin Wisdom .

    Between individuals To use an exchange market frequently it is necessary to send a bank transfer and offer some type of verification of your identity. If this is not an option, you can always find other individuals who want to buy and sell bitcoins.

    This is a less ideal process as it is not automated and requires finding a seller with an acceptable reputation. However, for many people this is an acceptable solution if they want to exchange bitcoins for cash, for small amounts or in countries with severe capital restrictions (Argentina and Venezuela are an example of countries with restrictions).

    Localbitcoins.com  - The best-known website where you can find buyers and sellers around the world. The page escrow to guarantee a correct and safe exchange.

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