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  • Burger King launches WhopperCoin, a program based on Blockchain technology

    The Russian branch of the popular fast-food chain,  Burger King , announced that it is making preparations to offer an attractive crypto-coin program.

    According to a publication on the website of  Burger King  Russia, the initiative " WhopperCoin " is about offering a  token  to customers for every ruble they spend in restaurants. Once 1,700 WhopperCoins have been accumulated  , these can be redeemed for a free hamburger.
    A total of 1 trillion of these coins will be created - will be provided by the token deployment platform  ,  Waves - although it is still unclear when the program will be launched; there is also a mobile app under development, which will be released on iOS  and  Android platforms  .
    Ivan Shestov, Director of Communications for  Burger King  Russia, offered the following statements:
    Now the Whopper is not only a beloved hamburger in more than 90 countries, but also a tool for investment. Experts say that the cryptones are going to experience huge increases in their prices, so eating a Whopper today translates into ensuring future well-being. "
    It should be noted that  Burger King  Russia has already considered using  Bitcoin  as a means of payment, but at the moment there is only a green light for the inclusion of its own  token  as a unique bet related to Blockchain technology  .

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