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    The CEO of Bitmain, Jihan Wu, announced the creation of a new 7nm chip for cryptocurrency mining algorithm SHA256 . Similarly, revealed that soon Bitmain will launch a new generation of mining equipment with this chip.

    The ASIC chip BM1391 aims to improve energy efficiency during mining. It could compete with the GMO Miner B2 once the new Bitmain mining equipment comes onto the market . The announcement was made today during the World Digital Mining Summit held in Georgia.
    The new chip uses the semiconductor manufacturing technology FinFET 7nm. In the past, GMO and Samsung have been the first to use 7 nm chips that can be used in cryptocurrency mining. The ASIC BM1391 integrates more than one billion transistors. Bitmain aims to greatly improve energy efficiency.
    According to the CEO of Bitmain, it was shown that the chip can achieve a power consumption ratio to the extraction capacity of 42W / TH. If we compare these values ​​with those of the GMO Miner B2 that are 81W / TH, the BM1391 would achieve what the B2 with almost half the power consumption.
    The ASIC chip BM1391 will perform the cryptocurrency mining with the SHA256 algorithm. The SHA256 algorithm is executed in cryptocurrency mining such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, ByteCoin and DevCoin, among others. For Wu, the launch of a new generation of mining equipment is necessary. The exponential growth of cryptoactive users will require an increasing capacity in data processing. For this, the hardware acceleration and the integration of parallel computing technologies with blockchain will be necessary.
    This announcement comes after Bitmain recorded losses in the sale of its mining equipment in the second quarter of 2018. The information was revealed by the BitMEX exchange house at the end of August. BitMEX also pointed out that Bitmain had registered a decline in its mining activity. That panorama was the one that impelled Bitmain to realize its IPO like strategy to catch investors, according to the house of change.

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