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  • 8 Reasons to buy Ethereum in 2018 | Why invest in ETHEREUM

    Ethereum is one of the most advanced platforms of the blockchain era. His focus on the use of smart contracts for the development of projects has made many want to buy their cryptocurrency: the ether (more commonly referred to as the platform itself, Ethereum ). This cryptocurrency with little more than two years in circulation has managed to revalue very quickly: only in 2017, its quotation multiplied more than 100 times, marking an extraordinary increase of 10 000 %. In this article, we present 8 key reasons to invest in Ethereum in 2018.

    1) Ethereum is in a bullish rally

    ethereum bullish 
    Source: coinmarketcap
    If you want to support your decision to invest in Ethereum in consistent data, this is one of the main ones. It is difficult to determine when the upward rally that Ethereum has experienced since its launch will stop; The truth is that it has been impressive. A little over two years ago, an Ethereum could be purchased for just 0.4 $. This means a return on investment of more than 220,000% over a period of two years . Those who put their trust in this project from the beginning, have been rewarded.

    The bullish rally continued throughout 2017, where we saw multiple online reviews that praised the technology behind this cryptocurrency. It seems that nothing will prevent Ethereum from reaching the $ 1000 mark earlier this year. Once this happens, news about this milestone will fill digital media.

    2) It is one of the cryptocurrencies with more capital


    But it's not just about the price. The capital accumulated by this project through the ETH has exceeded 85 billion dollars. In fact, that is happening as I write this article. Ethereum has acquired a remarkable importance in the world of cryptocurrencies and today it is positioned as the third cryptocurrency market, surpassed only by Ripple (by a narrow difference) and Bitcoin.
    This important market capitalization means that investing in Ethereum is synonymous with stability and trust, despite being aware that we are entering into a volatile instrument. If you are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, but you are worried about the risk, it is best to start with coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin , Ripple or Litecoin, whose projects have already capitalized an important amount of money and have functional and stable products.

    3) Ethereum has agreements with large institutions

    eth alliance

    This possibility of using smart contracts to develop practically any application has caused large companies to support this cryptocurrency. The interest is because Ethereum is really useful in the environment of application development. They are able to solve complex and demanding problems and can adapt to corporate needs.

    To encourage the use of Ethereum, the " Enterprise Ethereum Alliance " was created, which seeks to connect this technology with large companies -some of the Fortune 500 list- , entrepreneurship projects, technology providers and people from the academic world. . Some of the companies that have decided to use this technology include Microsoft, Santander, BBVA and Intel.

    4) Its technology is more advanced than bitcoin


    Like bitcoin, Ethereum is based on blockchain technology. However, the Ethereum platform is geared towards the use of smart contracts, and the way in which the currency works is very different.
    For example,  Ethereum's blockchain is much more advanced: it uses a more robust work test hash function and, as if that were not enough, it is a complete Turing system. Maybe you have not heard this term, but it has a lot of relevance in the computer world. Trying to explain it is complex, but in a nutshell, it means that Ethereum is equivalent to a full programming language. As explained on the Ethereum website , "these applications can run as scheduled, with no downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference".

    5) Ethereum has innumerable applications

    ethereum apps

    he Ethereum platform has many practical and really useful applications in the real world. Anyone who is documented correctly and has certain programming knowledge can use Ethereum to develop software.
    The flexibility and speed of the blockchain of Ethereum allow to develop robust applications that can be used at the corporate level. Some of the most striking examples are:
    • Online markets
    • Algorithms to store and manage records of debts, credits or other types of financial agreements. It could work even for trading platforms where contracts with specific characteristics are used (eg, futures contracts).
    • Applications can be programmed to develop businesses through the use of intelligent contracts. The company 4G Capital, already begins to explore this land using Ethereum.
    • Crowdfunding: this collective financing modality can be managed using Ethereum technology.
    All these applications are executed in the customized block chain of Ethereum, a tremendously robust infrastructure that stands out from the rest of the cryptocurrencies. This is another compelling reason why many have decided to invest in Ethereum.

    6) There are other cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum


    Indeed, we already commented that Ethereum has hundreds of applications, among them the creation of other cryptocurrencies. Ethereum's technology is so flexible, that for some time there are other cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum. These new tokens are developed by benefiting from the existing Ethereum blockchain. In this way, developers of new cryptocurrencies do not have to create a new blockchain from scratch.
    This helps to strengthen Ethereum as a leading cryptocurrency and allows us to foresee that this project will not disappear so quickly. These entrepreneurs who have decided to invest in Ethereum as a catalyst for their new tokens (usually launched through ICOs ), usually use the ERC20 standard. This Ethereum interface guarantees interoperability between the tokensSome examples of cryptocurrencies based on the  Ethereum blockchain include: Basic Attention Token (BAT); Civic (CVC); Lunyr (LUN); Aragon (ANT) and Golem (GNT).

    7) Ethereum Is Trending


    The media have already begun to take an interest in the area of cryptocurrencies. Although bitcoin is generally talked about, Ethereum starts to gain ground and attract the attention of more investors. With a very advanced technology and a very fast consolidation, it seems obvious that this platform will become increasingly popular.
    This is clearly reflected in the statistical data of Google, which reflects a peak of popularity for " Ethereum " later this year. With a platform on the verge of being a trend, it is likely that many people are interested in investing in Ethereum in 2018. This increase in demand can trigger the price even more. One of the news that we will surely see in the media this year will be: " Ethereum manages to surpass the $ 1000 mark ".

    8) It is very easy to invest in Ethereum


    Another factor that contributes to this trend is that ETH ( ether ) is listed in almost all brokers and exchange platforms that operate with cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies have significantly democratized the world of investments since they are easy to acquire and it is not necessary to have a large capital to do so.
    The speed with which the Ethereum has managed to sneak into the exchanges and brokers is an indicator of the potential of this project. Ethereum is listed in the largest US exchange. UU Coinbase ) and it is very easy to acquire using bitcoin or any currency through multiple forms of payment. This last platform will incorporate million-dollar institutional investments starting this year, so we can expect this currency to begin receiving large sums of money. This is another important argument for investing in Ethereum earlier this year.

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