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  • OneCoin wants to attract 100,000 customers in the next 7 months (golden opportunity or scam in door?)

    OneCoin is presented as the new cryptocurrency that will generate thousands of millionaires. But in several European countries, the company is accused of working under a "Ponzi scheme" that pays investors interest with their own invested capital (or the capital of third parties). Its promoters were in Córdoba and we counted the two sides of the coin.

    one coin scam

    n Argentina there are already 5,800 people who have purchased packages that include financial education modules and tokens to access the OneCoin cryptocurrency. Thus, with packs that start at 140 Euros (and can reach thousands of Euros) access to didactic material and access to technology to have OneCoin, a cryptocurrency of which they have already "emitted" (mined) 38% of its 120,000 million units there will be. 

    Although the purchase-sale is of educational material, mainly the interested ones are moved by the old human motor: greed. If someone had bought $ 1,000 in Bitcoin (the most famous cryptocurrency, but only one of the hundreds) in its infancy, today it would have almost 100 green suits. 

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    To that market comes OneCointo Córdoba: it organizes for this Saturday a talk in Quality Space where it will launch its oiled mechanism of the seduction of the unwary and greedy. Who is not tempted by the idea of achieving their "financial independence" by entering such a tempting business on time? Connoisseurs of the machinery of persuasion, the promoters of OneCoin in Argentina and Córdoba slide examples that awaken greed. 

    The bases of a cryptocurrency - like the famous Bitcoin - lies in its finitude (Bitcoins have only 21 million units, divisible in cents, thousandths and more) and in the process of "mining" large volumes of data. 

    OneCoinit is presented as a cryptocurrency of centralized mining, unlike almost the entire system that opts for decentralized mining that makes it almost impossible for it to be controlled by public or police entities. 

    Behind OneCoin and its subsidiaries is the enigmatic Bulgarian Ruja Ignatova, the genius of finance (former McKinsey, they say) or ringleader of a gigantic scam whose due date would be on October 8. 

    What will happen that day? OneCoin promised to become a public asset that day through an ICO, the process equivalent to an IPO of a company when it opens its social capital to investors.

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    With a current (private) quote of 1 OneCoin to almost 21 Euro (and an upward curve), the 8.5 million holders of this cryptocurrency (4 million correctly identified with your KYC) dream of starting a life of millionaires if the quote Draw a curve similar to other virtual currencies. 

    Of course, since there is no public quotation, the value of each OneCoin is not validated by the market, although there is a marketplace where it can already be used as a means of payment for goods and services. 

    OneCoin operates in Argentina as a Public Limited Company: One Network Servicios Argentina  with account -detailed- in Banco Galicia where the funds raised in the sale of financial training material go (always take care not to say that they sell a financial asset, but educational material that -of yapa- brings tokens to generate OneCoin ). 

    In his presentation to the press -organized by the colleague Gustavo Cohen at the Windsor Hotel- Gabriela Blasco, Gustavo Amuchastegui and Andrés Matías López were present, although the lead singer was Alejandro Taylor, presented as "the company's pioneer in Latin America".

    With 5,800 people already involved in the system in the country (it is marketed in the form of direct sales, with referrals and a system similar to the pyramid sale), Taylor said that they would like to have 100,000 customers before October 8. 

    As explained in the event for press, the Argentine company already collects about $1.5 million in the country.

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